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Friday, July 8, 2011

Follow Friday


A few blog recommendations for your Friday perusal-

1. Sunday Crossbow - Emerald's blog is fairly new to me but I am already a big fan. I feel like the outfits she puts together are daring but still accessible. Like I wouldn't have thought to put those things together but now that I've seen it I feel like I could handle it. She got skillz.

2. Awesome People Hanging Out Together - I'm sure you've seen this one around but oh my goodness, it is just too awesome (...hence the name). Like did you know that Grace Kelly and Louis Armstrong hung out once? They did. And that at some point Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney did dishes together? They did! Total treasure trove.

3. The Way the Cookie Crumbles is a long time favorite recipe blog. Pretty sure hers is one of the first I checked on a regular basis back in the day when blog reading was new to my life. One of my favorite things that she does is recipe comparisons. She'll take 3 recipes for the same thing, whip up batches of all 3 side by side then write about it (this sugar cookie comparison, in particular, required a whole lot of dedication. Those suckers take so much time and elbow grease). It's something I would love to do but I don't have that much energy so I just benefit from her knowledge instead.

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  1. Love the referrals! Excited to check them out more. And thanks for the further info on Jo Totes! :) Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Oh man! What a rave review. I'm so flattered! Thanks!
    Emerald (Sunday Crossbow)

  3. Louis Armstrong and Grace Kelly were in the movie "High society" together. It's one of my absolute favorites. You know who else is in that movie? BING CROSBY and FRANK SINATRA. What's not to love?

  4. I hadn't heard of these blogs and am loving them! Thanks!


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