Freckles in April: Fashion Blogger (for a day): Shelby

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fashion Blogger (for a day): Shelby

Shelby is so darling. Her name was submitted to me by her sister-in-law and I went, "Oh yeah!" Every time I stop by her blog I come away feeling uplifted. She does a regular series I loved called "Because She Does" where she talks about women who have touched her life (she recently started taking submissions and there have been some really touching ones). I've never met Shelby in real life but I know she is beautiful inside and out.

Happy Monday morning! I am Shelby Osmond from Just because I said 'I do' and I was honored to be asked to be a guest fashion blogger for a day. But really I could only do this for a day as I was scraping those corners in my brain for some sort of cool post. Trying to think of something y 'all don't know  cool accessories , thrift stores, shoes, ... eh so what I basically came up with is this:

How you wear or where you bought your clothes is just not as important as how you feel when you are wearing your clothes.  Accentuate the good on your body and what types of clothing fit you best.

However, I do love the thrift store, and I also love my husband's closet. Who knew you could have a second wardrobe.{he sure didn't}

I find that I can find a lot of sales or more options by buying extra large shirts and sewing them in so they fit. Also, you can throw a belt on so you don't lose your feminine figure and wah la. congrats my friends. a new shirt
Here you will find a xl shirt with and with out a belt. Note the belt is my husbands
(you can wear it without a belt that seems to be hip right now- the baggy shirt- 
but for me it makes me look large and in charge so I add the belt)


This blue shirt was also too large

 but add a belt, and a scarf (my new favorite accessory) 
and bam- ehh?? thats what I'm talking about

Okay friends last one- promise. 
We have here a sweater from the second wardrobe {a.k.a husbands closet}
And after a few stitch's here and there, and a few flowers- it became the sweater in the first wardrobe {a.k.a. my closet}
the hubbs will find out soon enough...

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  2. Thanks for the great ideas on how to find new looks for not too much money! What I want to know is, after adding the flowers...does Brandon ever want his sweater back? lol

  3. wow...these were pretty great ideas.
    thanks for sharing fashion bloggers with us kayla.

  4. great ideas and great pictures. using hubbs belts has never dawned on me... until now! Bwahahaha!!!

  5. I love all your guest posts but I have never been more impressed than after reading this post about Shelby. I was shocked with what she did to her husband's sweater. That girl has talent!!

  6. Kayla-(sorry) you are awesome, gorgeous and so sweet! Thanks for the feature!

  7. AnonymousJuly 11, 2011 did amazing things with that sweater!!!

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  9. That sweater is ridiculously awesome.

  10. Way to go Shelby!! I loved your post!


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