Freckles in April: Extra Laundry Day

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Extra Laundry Day

Wearing Spotted Moth top, Gap skirt (thrifted? I think?), Steve Madden heels (via Marshalls), Target watch, earrings from Charming Charlie

Baby 2 is 15ish months old which means he has zero control over his bodily functions. He does this thing where 30 seconds after he gets out of the bathtub he pees. This is why you either have to keep him wrapped in a towel or slap a diaper on his bum immediately. Aaron knows this but he doesn't KNOW it, you know?

Which is why on Sunday morning he pulled Baby 2 out of the tub and let him wander around our bedroom naked for a minute while pulling Stinky out of the tub. That little nudey baby wandered over to a pile of my clean clothes that I had folded but hadn't put away and I said, "Aaron, if he pees on my clothes..." and as the words were leaving my mouth he let loose. Whereupon I started shrieking at Aaron and Baby 2 was all confused because, "What IS this stuff?" and Stinky was giggling like mad and it was all very exciting.

So I had an extra load of laundry to do on Sunday.Good times.

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  1. Oh, sweet goodness. At least tell me that Aaron did that load!

    Also, I am sad to see that the nearest Charming Charlie is not near at all, and I can not get those fierce earrings. :(

  2. Wow...that is some excitement. My Sunday mornings couldn't handle that kind of excitement without making me discouraged enough to head right back to bed :)

  3. Ha ha okay maybe not so funny but cute story. I hope Aaron helped with hard labor! You look fantastic in this photo. Your outfit is very sweet and chic. Very Kate Dutchess of Cambrige.

  4. LOL! My husband's name is Aaron also. AND our 14 month old does certain things, that Aaron knows, but doesn't know. Ahhh .... Mom always knows best. We're livin' it, huh?! :)

  5. This story made me laugh. Talk about having your laundry in the wrong place at the wrong time.


  6. That is too funny! And that top of yours is really cute.

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  7. This story is awesome. I think Joel enjoyed hearing it, given that it occurred on the same day as Thomas' first ever you-know-what smearing all-over-his-carpet incident (which happened when I wasn't home so Joel had to clean it all himself). Kids are so awesome.


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