Freckles in April: Christmas in July

Monday, July 25, 2011

Christmas in July

Last week the girls of Fancy House Road hosted a Christmas in July meet-up. We crafted and snacked and chatted and had a grand old time! I didn't know most of the attendees and it was so fun to make new friends. I feel like when you're a stay at home mom your chances for meeting new people are so limited!

Debbie and Kiersten, who became a total Amazon since I last saw her ( 8 years ago). But seriously, she towers.
Mandy, Ashley, and a lovely lady whose name I never got (sorry, I stink)
Jessica, who I've met twice now!
Keighley, one of the FHR girls
I loved Mandy's outfit
Crafty crafty
Cami and Keighley
Alex of It's a Love Story
More crafty crafting
The FHR girls went all out. I couldn't find a house number when I pulled up but there were Christmas lights in the entryway so I was pretty sure I was in the right place.
Rosemary's garland
The girls of Fanciful Number 2
One of my favorites of the night.
Our whole happy group (including Lydia, who somehow escaped every other picture)
(more pictures over at FHR)

Debbie, Cami, Keighley and Kiersten are going to be doing these get togethers every month (I think) so if you're local you should come out and have fun with us!


  1. oh awesome.

    so funny seeing Christmas decor when it is blazzzzzzing outside.

    I totally agree with the SAHM (hate that acronym) ... I almost seriously consider approaching moms and pregs at Target with friendship bracelets.


  2. Seething with jealousy. In a loving way.

  3. I guess my power of invisibility was on overdrive that night. Something to work out the kinks on for next time. It was great chatting with you!

    P.S. I think the no name lady is Natalie.

  4. Last week's event was fun. Thanks again for capturing it for us. Keighley and I couldn't have had a better group of bloggers show up. I can't for next month's blogger meetup.


    P.S. Lydia's comment about being invisible cracked me up.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Rosemary is a friend of mine. We've danced (performed) together a few times. :)


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