Freckles in April: The Wednesday (un)Want

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Wednesday (un)Want

I'm really feeling the truth of this lately. I want too many things. I have too many things. I feel all cluttered. This week I'm doing some serious paring down. The boys will be donating a bunch of toys and clothes, my book shelves will get looked over with a hard eye, and something in my postage stamp of a kitchen has got to give. 

Also, my closet is getting a thorough pruning.

I always thought it was kind of strange when fashion bloggers put their clothes for sale up on their blog but now I totally get it. As a normal girl I shopped a fair amount. As a fashion blogger my closet has exploded and I really don't have room but I'm passionate about my clothing and I want my stuff to go to loving homes.

I've got some good stuff up in the shop. A once worn Anthropologie dress, a couple maxis, and the famous silk watercolor dress, among other things. Go check it out! Take something home with you! Swap with me!


  1. time to get swapping. when we get home i'll be going through all my stuff again. swappy swappy!

  2. Way to go on cleaning out. Being in tiny apartments forces you to be a minimalist, but I always been that way somewhat. Also, it has helped me to focus on needs, not wants, to be less materialistic and makes the house easier to clean. win-win-win.

    check out my giveaway!

  3. I can SO relate to this feeling. I think spring creates it in one way or another.... cleansing! Hope it goes well for you:)

  4. i love that poster. i think i'll make it my desktop background just as a little reminder...


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