Freckles in April: A Sunday Share

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sunday Share

I love words. Long ones, short ones, obscure ones. I loved vocabulary lessons and tests in any language when I was in school (In Spanish, verguenza = embarrassed and embarazada= pregnant. Isn't that awesome?).

So when my friend Shawna came across Save the Words she posted it to facebook with a note that it had my name all over it.

The premise is simple. You adopt a wonderful vocabulary word or two and then you use it so it doesn't become a lexical dinosaur. You can use it in speech, in writing, in blogging, in skywriting. It doesn't much matter, as long as it gets used.

So if I use the words temerate (to break a vow or promise) or tortiloquy (a dishonest or immoral speech) on my blog then you'll know where they came from. They are my little adopted word babies.

(also, doesn't tortiloquy sound like a speech about tortillas? Shawna and I agreed we would totally listen to that speech)

Other awesome words we learned while talking about this yesterday:

Somandric - pertaining to the human body
Snollygoster - a shrewd, unprincipled person
Igniparous - to bring forth flame

Those last two about made my lifetime. Snollygoster? And I maybe 'ooooh'ed out loud a little bit when Shawna told me about igniparous. Such a fabulous word.

So perhaps today you could go to Save the Words and adopt a word and then we could have a really enlightening conversation in the comments using our wonderful new vocab words. Yes? Ok good.

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  1. I clicked on "post a comment" for the sole purpose of seeing if you changed "any trolls will be dragged into the trees and beaten soundly" to "any Snollygosters..." darn. Maybe we could make that a thing on my blog : )


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Any trolls will be dragged into the trees and beaten soundly.

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