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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer with Kids: Bracelets

In order to survive the summer with my sanity intact I made a little weekly schedule for me and the kids. Baby 2 is still mostly just along for the ride at this point and he's perfectly happy with a cup and a spoon but Stinky requires some structured entertaining. On Mondays we do an art project and I wanted to share what we've been doing in case other moms are finding themselves in the same slow boat headed to Crazytown.

Back in February Stinky got a bracelet from his BFF's princess party (for some reason, 90% of his friends are female. He was born during a girl boom). He loved it and wore it everywhere and it was starting to look nasty. At some point, it got lost (I suspect foul play on Aaron's part).

I bought pony beads a couple months ago for this project so all I had to get was $1.50 worth of elastic cord at the craft store. We have a TON left. I foresee a lot more bracelet making in our future (maybe a good playgroup activity?).


A little tape on the end ensured his beads didn't go all over

Good practice for little hands. He struggled with the beads at first but got the hang of it

He loved picking out his colors. And yes, I have cut his nails since these pictures were taken.

Finished product! Actually, this is the one I made. He already lost the one he made while making a "swimming pool" in our backyard

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  1. How cute! I have to give myself a schedule on Saturdays or I go crazy, so I can imagine it's only a billion times more necessary with kids. Say YES! has great projects for a kid Stinky's age. But I'm sure you already knew that.

    North Meets South


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