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Friday, June 10, 2011


Wearing Target shirt, flats and watch, Gap jeans, Wal Mart suspenders

I had several hours worth of errands to run and since Baby 2 has recently decided that running away from me in public is hilarious I knew it was going to be a tee, jeans and practical shoes kind of day. I refuse to chase him through those darn automatic library doors into the parking lot in front of a car in a skirt and heels ever again. I am thisclose to being one of those moms who puts a leash on her kid.

I was kind of despairing over what to wear when I remembered Becca's advice from her Fashion Blogger (for a day) guest post: be interesting. I tucked in my shirt and threw on my suspenders and felt pretty good about myself. It helped that Aaron kept pausing to leer at me. That man loves a center part, as it turns out. The suspenders were icing.

One of my errands was taking a favorite dress to a tailor to see if I could get it replicated in a couple more colors. I found a tailor really close to my house and his website specifically said he did custom clothing. And then when I walked in with my dress and told him what I wanted he looked at me like I was completely stupid.

I'm not stupid am I?? That's thing, right? I have some calls to make. I need to find another tailor, apparently.


  1. What the heck is up with the cranky tailor?! If his website says he does custom pieces, why doesn't he live up to his word? Ugh. :(

    I just bought a four patterns to make my own dresses... I'm sick of shopping. (Don't tell anyone I said that.)

  2. love that outfit!!
    my mom once bought me an outfit complete with suspenders when i was 12. It had a brown velous shirt and the pants where brown plaid (and this was in the late 90's early 2000's). I've been afraid to wear suspenders ever since.
    You pull this look off so well, I don't know that I could do the same.

  3. AnonymousJune 10, 2011

    I love that you actually own a pair of suspenders and I think I need to buy myself a pair. Also, mean people are horrible... sorry about the mean old tailor.

  4. HOT. The center part and the suspenders.

    I wore suspenders to the celebratory festivities the day before my wedding...I am very much in favor.

  5. Eh, what? If he says he does custom tailoring, then he does custom tailoring! Silly git...

    Anyway, super adorable outfit.

  6. This outfit is genius! It's casual and practical, but totally cute and put together. I love the suspenders, I've been thinking forever that I want some girl suspenders.

    amy day to day

  7. Wow! The suspenders make that outfit look so sexy! I don't think I've ever seen women wearing suspenders (or "braces" as my British husband calls them) so if this becomes a huge trend, you can take all of the credit for it! I also want to say that you look very stunning in that hue of blue.

  8. totally practical, and totally cute. Chasing toddlers would look damn good in that:)

  9. Oh my gosh, that outfit is SO cute! I will definitely have to replicate it this fall!!

  10. i read this post the other day on my phone, and had to come back to comment... your hair looks amazing! i love it like this.

  11. Hi Kayla,
    you look so adorable in suspenders and from the pictures I can tell that you definitely enjoy wearing them. I love to wear suspenders myself as they are so practical and comfy and really make any outfit look so much better.


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