Freckles in April: Of Nightgowns and Muumuus

Friday, June 17, 2011

Of Nightgowns and Muumuus

Wearing thrifted nightgown turned dress, thrifted belt, J. Crew swimsuit, Steve Madden sandals (via Marshalls)

I have this thing where I fall helplessly in love with the most random items of clothing. There's a purple floral muumuu hiding in the dark depths of my closet because Aaron refuses to be seen with me when I wear it. He thinks its the most hideous thing ever but I love that muumuu so much! He keeps telling me I should put it to a vote on the blog but I'm kind of worried you guys will side with him. No one will ever love that muumuu the way I do.

When I saw this nightgown at Goodwill I was a goner. I think it was the peachy color that did me in.

Unfortunately, it really looked like a nightgown. I ended up dip-dyeing the top dark blue in hopes it would look a little less nightgown-y. It kind of worked. Aaron didn't realize what it was in its previous life but he did deem it "too poofy" for date night (maybe I should take it in a bit?) so it has been relegated to the "swimsuit cover-up" pile. Which is fine by me, seeing as I wear a swimsuit about 12 hours out of every day during the summer. As long as I get to wear it somewhere. Unlike my poor muumuu.

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  1. This is so cool! You are one of my favorite refashioners!


  2. Fellow muumuuu lover?! You're my new favorite. :D

  3. That peach color is phenomal, and I love it with the purple! You have a freakishly good eye. However, I do suggest taking it in and wearing it with a thicker belt to hide the dye line. Then it will look balling!

    North Meets South
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  4. way too awesome. but more than anything? i love your hairstyle in these photos. i think i'll be copyin that this weekend.


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