Freckles in April: Home Again Home Again

Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Again Home Again

Explain to me how I left a spotless house with only a carry on duffel bag on Friday morning and am spending today doing a mountain of laundry and cleaning a filthy house. I was gone for 3 days, during which no one was even here. There is some kind of filth phenomenon at work here.

We spent a Stinky and Baby 2 free weekend in Houston with some wonderful friends who used to live nearby and have since left us for greener pastures (literally greener. It actually rains in the places they've lived since). We ate lots of good food and watched some funny YouTube videos and saw the world's largest sprinkler and almost had our dinner plans thwarted by street closures for a pride parade (there was a surfing float with muscular guys wearing speedos and nothing else. I am kicking myself a little bit for getting no pictures). Also, they introduced us to Fringe. All in all, a wonderful weekend with fantastic company.

While we were there, Kristy told me about this project she's been working on for the past year-

She's the creator and organizer and general head honcho. I'm not even in business and I'd still like to go because it sounds amazing. You can read more about the conference and how it came about here!


  1. Your presence was greatly enjoyed on our end. I would love to see you at the conference...more details (i.e. speakers) should be available in about a month. Thanks for sharing the news!

  2. I'm VERY interested in this conference. I just read Kristy's post about all of this - she sounds incredible. Thanks for posting about the conference - I'm excited to hear more - definitely don't want to miss it.


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