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Friday, June 17, 2011

Follow Friday


On Twitter there's this thing called Follow Friday where you spotlight Twitterers (? I'm still not all hip on the lingo there) that are worth following. It's a nice way to spread the love and discover awesome new feeds.

Janssen and I were talking the other day about how much it annoys us when some mediocre blogs do really well while a lot of excellent ones languish in obscurity. But it also brings us joy when people get big who really deserve it.

So today I'm hosting a little Blog Follow Friday. Do you know of a really excellent blog? Big, small, whatever, doesn't matter. Share it and tell us what you love about it. Gorgeous pictures? Fantastic writing? Pee-your-pants laughing stories? Useful tutorials? I want to know about them all.

I'll start-

1. My sister recently shared UpperBottom with me because she thought that something Rachel wrote could have been written by me. After reading for a bit I think we might actually be the same person (Aaron sleep attacked me once too. There were no velociraptors involved though, sadly). Every post she writes has me cracking up while also going, "YES!! ME TOOOO!!!!"

2. I went to high school with Angela Hardison but only kind of knew her (her then-boyfriend and now husband was in my ward). As is the case with so many people in my online life, we reconnected through blogging and I'm so very glad we did. She's kind of a big deal. Her blog is gorgeous, full of beautiful pictures and constant inspiration. She's super talented and just so darn pretty.

3. If you like to sew at all, Presser Foot is SUCH a great resource. They've slowed down a bit as of late (international moves, new babies, etc. will do that to you) but their archives are full of great tips and tricks. A lot of my sewing confidence has come from those lovely ladies.

So what are your favorites?? Do share.


  1. Am INSTANTLY in love with Angela's blog. I owe you big time.

  2. I live close to the gal from presser foot! Well, for her summer, anyway. So exciting!!

  3. Love the new blog re-do!
    I love the blogs:
    I checked out the blogs you shared. Love them! I have wondered also how some people get really big and others go overlooked. Must be something in the water, eh?

  4. Man! That sounds like fun. I should use Twitter more often. :P

  5. is fantastic! Lincee mostly does recaps on The Bachelor/ette, but she also does a fun monthly competition looking for the best picture featuring Dr. Pepper. She is seriously hilarious!

  6. That velociraptor post totally sounded like a conversation you and Aaron would have! Lol.

  7. One of my favorite blogs is "The Meanest Mom" ( Sorry I have NO idea how to do fancy links or whatever. The woman who writes this blog is hysterically funny.

  8. You know - I wonder that same thing quite often. Like - how the heck did they get all these followers? Because I am not seeing it. Or maybe, as a blogger, I am totally missing the mark. Maybe you just need to be cute? Who knows.

  9. You are too super sweet!!! Thanks for sharing my blog with your readers, Kayla!! I'm going to go check out the others you listed...


  10. AnonymousJune 20, 2011

    I really like, although her clothing isn't directly copiable for LDS folk. She's kind of a lifestyle blog, but she's already really well known so I don't know if that eliminates her from this.

    Another blog I found is and this one isn't well known I doubt. She's kind of been hit or miss with her posts lately, but most of the time she posts funny things about her life, and hilarious images she finds on the internet. I like her Maternomorph posts best. I like your blog too, of course.

  11. just now seeing this... thanks kayla! you are so sweet and i might be blushing.


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