Freckles in April: Fashion Blogger (for a day): Grace

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fashion Blogger (for a day): Grace

Fashion Blogger for a day

You guys, I just really like Grace. She has a self deprecating sense of humor that I find both charming and hilarious and her blog never fails to make me laugh. She's adventurous with her sewing machine and, while she usually openly mocks her projects, I always love how her stuff comes out.

Also, she's pregnant and just barely moved across a couple states and she somehow found time to put together this incredible guest post for me with nine (yes, NINE) pictures of her various projects that probably took her a fair amount of time. I was seriously blown away when I got her email last night. If we were all sitting in an auditorium for my power point presentation of Fashion Blogger (for a day) I would ask for a round of applause right about now.


Greetings to all you who are reading! It is fitting that I am fashion blogging for one day as I have never been even remotely fashionable. 
Por ejemplo: I walked into freshman orientation of high school rocking some dress code approved baggy, pleated, cuffed AND tapered khakis along with a very baggy tucked-in-and-pulled-back-out-just-so white polo confidently thinking I would fit in just fine. And with one shake of a permed ponytail, I realized that I was in the tiniest of minorities as I swam in a bleacher full of girls wearing the polar opposite of my attire in flat front boot cut chinos with perfectly fitted white button ups. Picture perfect.  This wasn't my first fashion no. I had also attended a middle school dance wearing a very fancy floor length shimmery emerald green ballish type gown with a massive white bow on the behind only to waltz in and realize that all of the girls were wearing some semblance of an Old Navy t-shirt and knee length denim skirt get up. Ah...that was a memory to never be forgotten. Ever. was really nice of Kayla to let me play dress up and pretend for the day. Really nice

It was actually Kayla's first blog and all of her phenomenal refashions/alterations/creations that inspired me to try my hand at some novice sewing projects. When I was pregnant last spring and struggling to find semi-cute maternity clothes with my limited resources of online shopping and Target's paltry selection...Kayla was effortlessly whipping up non-maternity turned maternity appropriate tunics, dresses and more. My new favorite pastime is to find some gently used, formerly loved duds at Goodwill and try to breathe some more wear into them. I'm 19 weeks pregnant with my second baby and dressing my thickening waist and love handles is becoming a leeeedle more of a challenge these days. Here are some of my latest baby lump friendly finds:

On the top we have a doomed marriage of clover and confetti adorning a boxy button up complete with shoulder pads

and the bottom half brings us some short and obviously flattering white sailor pants made by the one and only Gloria Vanderbilt

To the pants: I took out the (already nicely serged) hem to give them some length and slimmed down the thighs 
To the shirt: I ripped out the shoulder pads and took the sleeves and bodice in

Since this belt will fit for approximately 5 more seconds...
I added a cardigan and a much more comfy elastic belt complete with loud gold buckle to give us:

a bump-approved improvement, I hope. 

Next on the docket was this nice, modest elastic waist skirt:

what really sold me was the fact that it had pockets (had I realized the pockets were stuffed with dirty, used tissue..I may have kept my dollar and saved myself some gags) and that the pattern wasn't quite committed to full zebra...jusssst conservative enough for the likes of me. 
A little hem, waist tuck, t-shirt, favorite elastic waist piece and side pony later:

and as the bump grows I'm hoping I can just pull the stretchy waist up and over

Last up is a festive magenta bump-accommodating tunic along with my favorite find of the trip...some safari colored Banana Republic flares

Nothing too dramatic but I tried to make the collar a little less flap happy, wrangle in the puffy sleeves and bring the pants down about 1.5 sizes:

same outfit...semi-better fit I think

Uno mas...sorry!
My second favorite find of the Goodwill excursh was these gold discs that cost me fifty copper Abrahams:

big enough to see but small enough to not be ripped out by my eight month old kettle ball, Julia

(Julia loves to rock the colorblock and is wearing head to toe Goodwill...rarely isn't)

Thank you Kayla for being such a gracious hostess and letting me guest post on your lovely, lovely, lovely blog!


  1. Okay, THIS might be the best guest post ever. Except now I will be depressed at what a terrible thrift-shopper I am.

  2. Girl got skillz! I like how she makes seem nbd to tailor her own clothes and then looks like a stylist dressed her, which is why she has skillz with a z and not an s, an obvious step up.

    North Meets South

  3. yay for grace becoming a real life bonafied fashion blogger! she always speaks of a time when she was unfashionable, but i cannot remember this, and i have known her since the beginning of time - junior year in high school.

  4. oh grace, you crack me up. this post is hysterical.

  5. I love this guest post. I've done some revamps in the past but this has me inspired to get to those shirts just waiting in my closet for a face-lift. Thanks!

  6. Holy amazingness! I seriously need a lesson like this in how to tailor!

  7. LLLLove it, Grace! You should fashion blog more : ) My favorite one? Oh that SKIRT! Amazing! Love it! And that's the cutest little J pic

  8. Pretty dang good before and afters....I'm not sure I could pull off the same tucks and taking-ins and I am 100% certain that I would/could NEVER be slimming down ANY thighs of ANY pants that graced MY body! :P

  9. hi, kayla! thanks for much for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself. i like this because you're going to be able to give me style advice. i'm definately a new follower.

    great guest post, grace!



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