Freckles in April: Back!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Charlotte Russe top, Banana Republic dress (via Goodwill), Rocketdog Shoes (via Marshall's), Target earrings and watch, assorted bracelets were gifts

There was a 3 minute window this weekend when my house was gloriously clean. Then Baby 2 woke up and the carnage began again but at least everything is now vacuumed and the 247 loads of laundry are done!

On Saturday I surprised Aaron with a couple's massage. We couldn't move afterward. If you're local, check out La Vida Massage in Chandler. Tonya and Dan were incredible. Aaron and I agreed that they gave us the best massages we'd ever had. Dan worked on Aaron's repetitive motion discomfort in his arm for a while (too much CAD design!) and Tonya took care of my perma-neck-ache and they both reduced us to jelly. It was divine. We're going to make a regular date of it.

This weekend I also managed to finish a major blog redesign for Sumo's Sweet Stuff and have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of debugging. My HTML is getting better!

AND! I have something in the works. Something really big. Something super awesome. I'm giddy excited over it but sadly, due to timing conflicts, it won't be happening until August (for.ev.errrr). But I'll be giving you some hints and more details as it gets closer!


  1. love the redesign. good job on the clean look of the gray!

  2. You tell us you have something big and super exciting and then tell us we won't know until August? Thanks for nothin'! ;) I love the top over the dress. Super cute.

    amy day to day

  3. Love the blog redesign! So glad you survived laundry boot camp. And super cute hair!

  4. Wait, are you sure you weren't at my house?? I swear I've got that much laundry sitting in my bedroom right now...

    I love that beaded top with the maxi dress. It's beautiful together!

  5. I am happy for you that you got all 247 loads of laundry done. While living with my aunt, her husband and their 4 kids laundry was always exploding from the walls. I remember how it felt after washing it all. You deserve a message after that.
    Great pairing with your outfit, it's very cute.

  6. I love the way you've styled the shirt over the dress. It's very clever. I really like the shoes too. The length of the dress looks very elegant and you look very pretty. Congratulations on finishing and launching some of your projects. It sounds like a very exciting time for you!

  7. You are a cruel woman. What is happening in August! Your hair looks quite lovely. It's one of my favorite styles.

    North Meets South

  8. Love your hair that way, looks elegant and comfortable. I wish i found dresses like that at Goodwill!

  9. you hair looks amazing and that has to be THEE best Goodwill find ever.

  10. 1. you're pretty. 2. that grey dress is great. 3. looking forward to the big & exciting something!

  11. loving that top and sorry to tell you but the house staying clean never happens
    my boys are 17 & 19, might be worse now than then. :)
    can't wait for the big surprise


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