Freckles in April: Woe is Me

Friday, May 27, 2011

Woe is Me

Right this very moment I SHOULD be site seeing in New York with Janssen and  Erica. My bags were all packed and ready to go on Tuesday night (and yes, I was going to NY for 4 days with just a backpack thanks to WEEKS of careful outfit planning).

The duplo block was not coming with me, despite its attempts to weasel its way into my bag.

Instead, I'm staring at this:

Baby 2 has pneumonia. Again. Or maybe still? The doc speculated that he never really got over it the first time (which makes sense. He hasn't really been well ever since he was in the hospital) so we're on round two of antibiotics and fever maintenance with the bonus fun of breathing treatments (I especially love doing those at 3 am).

And of course this all had to happen right as I was supposed to be getting on a plane to go on a vacation I'd only been looking forward to for months.

To ease my pain, Aaron consented to a long overdue family road trip up to Utah the first week of August. So, Utah people! Shall we have a playdate or something?


  1. Woe IS you. When you mentioned this on facebook the other day I felt terrible for you, and I still do. Not only do you have a sick baby (which is the worst!) but you are missing out on a fantastic weekend!

    I hope sweet baby 2 gets better soon!

  2. Oh man. That really stinks. I hope your baby gets well soon!

  3. This stinks so bad!! Had you bought tickets or were you non-reving?! I hope baby 2 is ok!! :( poor guy!

  4. I totally understand! So glad that you aren't out any money but still WAY hard to not make it. I've been dying to get to NYC. I want to do it for my 25th bday this year but I'm not sure if it will work. Maybe we should non rev and meet each other out there! We could even do a couples trip!

  5. oh, that is so sad!! sick babies break my heart.

    and total bummer that you have to miss out on a weekend in NYC. that place is so much fun.

  6. Awwww, I know those Albuterol treatments well! Both my kids had RSV when they were babies and my goodness, it's heartbreaking to force those breathing treatments on them, isn't it?? I hope your little one gets better soon and that you're able to at least enjoy your road trip to Utah!

  7. Mos def!

    That's code for "most definitely we should hang out."

  8. that's so sad. a) that your baby has pneumonia and b) that you can't go meet erica (she's like my fave). well i hope he feels better. (also nice packing job. i couldn't have condensed that much. i'm impressed)

  9. AnonymousMay 30, 2011

    Utah friend right here!

    You will thoroughly enjoy my social awkwardness and nervous laughter.


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