Freckles in April: The Wednesday Want

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Wednesday Want

I think that my blog is secretly a really long, drawn out love letter to my Tom's wedges. I wear them constantly and talk about them pretty frequently too. My life changed for the better when I saw those blue and white striped beauties gracing the pages of Real Simple magazine.

Tom's just released a bunch of new styles and...well...take a gander, lovies.

And yes, I just took a screen shot of their new arrivals section because posting each of those individually would have been a pain. There are also several pairs above these that I love too but they didn't fit.

But can we talk about the detail on the stitchouts? And THE WEDGES. I want every single pair (except for the Ivory because my pale yellow Toms are a beast to keep clean. I can't imagine the upkeep on that Ivory pair) (and also I'm not sold on their cordones, even though they look ridiculously comfortable).

But seriously. Do you not die?


  1. Love love!! I want some Toms soooo bad. The Yellow Nautical to die for and well the Ash Canvas too please!

  2. I want the linen pinstripe ones so bad. Alas, I do NOT want to spend $70 on shoes.

  3. nice picks! I love my TOMS and want to get another pair soon.

  4. hmm....I think I'm just not "hip", as my grandma would say. Are they super comfy? Or maybe just cool?

  5. haha! I just bought some sandals at Target for like $15 and they're my new fav!

    Shoes just do the trick!

  6. Those stitchouts! You may have a TOMS obsession, but I have a loafer obsessions, and those stichouts look an awful lot like loafers. Two birds, one shoe.

    North Meets South

  7. My bottle green linen Toms are supposed to come in the mail today. I'm so excited! And I'm dying for the coral wedges, but trying to be strong.

  8. any style of toms = love for me!! super cute new styles, thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh, I've never seen those before. But they are so adorable!

  10. I'm long overdue for a new pair of Tom's and having the hardest time deciding on which ones. I think I might just head over to Nordstrom and see what they have in stock. (because seriously Tom's website, 9 bucks for shipping?!)

  11. AnonymousMay 25, 2011

    The coral! SWOOOON. I just bought the red classics and I have the calypso stripe wedges, I am so mad that they came out with the coral, I would have gone for those in a heartbeat!

  12. so they really are that fabulous?
    may have to at least try them on at some point this summer, i know they are everywhere


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