Freckles in April: Unluckiest Day Ever

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unluckiest Day Ever

Wearing Old Navy shirt (free from church swap), JCPenney skirt, Target flats, bangles from Last Chance

A couple weeks ago the camera on my new phone stopped working. I tried updating the software, restarting, etc. and it still just wouldn't work. A few of the apps also stopped working so I finally decided to just take it back to the AT&T store where I bought it.

I threw the kids in the car and we went to the mall. I was texting with Erica before I left and I got another text as I was about to walk in the doors. As I pulled out my phone it slipped and I dropped it face down on the concrete sidewalk.

Completely shattered the screen.

The people at AT&T would have been able to replace my phone because of the camera issue, but the shattered screen voided the warranty.

And that is how it came to be that I had a woe is me moment and maaaaybe shed a tear or two at the mall when I called Aaron to tell him about it.

On the plus side, hello ruffled shirt!

And the down side, not my best hair day (if we're being honest, I should have washed it. Oh well).

On the plus side, the wonderfully talented and super sweet Caitlin sent me a print and it was such a nice surprise on an otherwise cruddy day. Bless her.

On the plus side again, new shoooooes.


  1. Oh no!!! That's terrible, I'm so sorry!


  2. oooooooo thanks for the new shoe link. my light flats just about have a hole in the sole! thanks for showing me my new replacement!! :)

  3. I have dropped my Blackberry about 1,527 times. I'm pretty sure that time #1,530 (which could possible happen today) will be the time where I crack it completely. ;o)
    That shirt is lovely!

  4. washing your hair is overrated. is what i keep telling myself. until i finally get to it and it feels so wonderful, i vow to never go years between washes again. and: sorry for the crappy day!! blame erica. ;)

  5. total bummer. i stepped on my iphone today (who does that?) and somehow it survived.

    i think your hair looks really cute like that.

  6. Oh no! I made you break your phone! Sorry!

    I actually thought your hair looked great. Unwashed hair = pretty.

    North Meets South

  7. Yikes! Rough day. :( I think your hair looks cute, but it might be one of those situations where, from a distance, it's fine but up close = not cute. I do that, too. I think my hair is passable and semi-cute in the morning, but by lunch I realize what a mistake I made, AGAIN. It's like I'm trying to break a record with how many days I can get away without shampooing. I need to just give up.


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