Freckles in April: A Sunday Share

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Sunday Share

It's amazing that the Civil Rights movement wasn't actually all that long ago. My dad isn't that old and it was in his lifetime (although, he was like...1). My mom sent me a CNN article this week about James Zwerg and the Freedom Riders in 1961.

From the article:
[Zwerg] was drawn to the Freedom Rides after he was assigned a black roommate while attending Beloit College in Wisconsin. He grew to admire his roommate and was shocked to see how the young man was treated by whites when they went out in public together. So he volunteered to be an exchange student at Fisk University in Nashville, an all-black college, for one semester. He wanted to know how it felt to be a minority.

This guy and so many like him were seriously brave. He thought he would lose his life but he pressed on in a cause he believed in. Go check it out.


  1. I hope your Sunday Share becomes a regular feature, because I have loved both of them. I've never even heard of this man. Thank for sharing this.

  2. This is beautiful. I love how you share a positive stance on a sad topic in our history. Like the idea of Sunday shares:)
    I added you to my blogroll... always love visiting here!

  3. Not really the point, but my granddad taught at Beloit College for about 30 years - my dad grew up in Beloit and we went there all the time when we lived in Wisconsin and several times after we moved away. Bart and I just went to Beloit about a year and a half ago.


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