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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some Beauty Science

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Brittany of Pintucks and Ruffles sent me an e-mail the other day and I had to share her brilliance.
I did a little research, and you can add just a dab of coconut scented conditioner to your sea salt spray (great recipe, by the way!  I just started using it and love it!).  Unlike the hair gel, the quality of the conditioner hardly matters at all.  It just adds the scent and helps to counteract a little bit of the stickiness that you're getting with a cheaper hair gel.

I've been DYING to replicate the awesome coconut scent of my original sea salt spray in my DIY version but wasn't sure how. Now I know.

BUT THEN! She emailed me again. As it turns out, she used to be a chemistry teacher and she has knowledge I lack to explain just WHY my fav sea salt spray is so stinking awesome.

So, salt has the ability to hold water (which is why some people swell or get puffy if they eat too many salty foods and why your salt will start to stick together if you live somewhere humid).  So basically, the salt grabs water molecules and these water molecules become embedded between the molecules of your hair, producing extra volume, (again, just like eating salty foods).  BUT, since the water molecules are attached to the salt, it doesn't cause the frizziness that humidity sometimes does.  AND with the salt in your hair, it will grab the moisture in the air and prevent it from adhering to your hair molecules, further preventing frizziness.  Brilliant.  (The technical term for this is hygroscopy.  Just in case your word of the day calendar is expired.)

There you go people. Hygroscopy is why the sea salt spray makes your hair look fabulous. And now you know.

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  1. i also carry a pocket-sized periodic table in my wallet. So glad people appreciate beauty science!


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