Freckles in April: Sad Things

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sad Things

Wearing Old Navy shirt, skirt by me, thrifted shoes, borrowed earrings

Hello freckles for which my blog is named
I was supposed to wear this to the children's museum. Instead I wore it while snuggling on the couch and getting puked on (fortunately I was covered in a towel) and then to the pediatrician. Poor Baby 2 has a stomach thing he can't seem to shake. Sad.

Also, I am a big time convert to the joys of the straightening iron curl. It's fast, easy, and lasts for days. Unfortunately, Nikki will soon be taking her straightening iron (and these earrings) (and her baby) (and her) back home to Utah. Even more sad.


  1. Love the closeup -your freckles are perfect!!
    And can I just add how envious I am that you can hold curl for DAYS?!? I can do flat iron curls and they hold for maybe hours, if I am lucky!

  2. Yeah, my flat iron curls don't last more than a must have special hair :)

  3. Your hair looks fabulous! I love the soft curls.


  4. What kind of straightening iron is it? I don't think mine can do such tricks and if I can let my hair grow - I NEED THAT! :)
    Hope your baby boy gets feeling better REAL soon.

  5. Leah - my sister says it's GVP from Sally's. It's supposed to be comparable to Chi but cheaper. She loves it (plus hers is super cute. It has koi and water lilies on it)

  6. I never got the hang of the straightening iron curl when my hair was longer. Yours looks fab and I love that skirt (and every other one that you've made)!! :o) Hope the little man feels better!

  7. Aww, poor little boy! I hope you get everything worked out, so he gets better!

    I love that this outfit is put together enough to go to the childrens museum, but comfy enough to be snuggling and tending to a sick kid. Gotta be flexible when you're a mom!

  8. AnonymousMay 12, 2011

    I have super hair envy, for real. Also, I don't have a blogger so I don't know how to have my email show! :o/

  9. Gymno- I'm not sure either! It probably only works for Blogger people. Sorry :/

  10. oh, i missed play date today too....little one has bad allergies, up holding him since six.

  11. I have a 1 inch nano titanium by BaByliss Pro (several of my friends have them and we call them baby-bliss...not really sure why, but I'm rolling with it) it's blue and it's perfect. It literally heats up in like 4 seconds. You could ask my fingers, cause I always tap it to see if it's hot yet. I straighten and curl my hair with it and it works great! It takes me 8 minutes to straighten and I have tremendously thick hair so that's saying something.

    Leighana's Life

  12. i have to admit it has quite a few years since i have been puked on and frankly i don't miss it at all :)
    hope everyone is feeling better soon and no one else gets it

  13. AnonymousMay 14, 2011

    So sorry about your bay bay.
    LOVE your freckles.


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