Freckles in April: Pictures! In Public!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pictures! In Public!

Wearing Downeast Basics shirt, vest from Last Chance, Gap jeans, Toms wedges, Target necklace and watch

TA-DA! Not my backyard.
I took pictures at a park! And it wasn't weird at all, even though there were people around. It helped a lot that my sister was there to take these and we had a bunch of kids running around. I would probably be more self conscious about going out alone, setting up a tripod and my camera, and doing the strange dance my remote requires to connect with the camera.

Also, I have a new watch. Ten bucks at Target! I've been dying for one for ages since the only way I can check the time at church is on my phone which means I either have to pull it out and feel like people are judging me for texting during church OR awkwardly turn on the screen while it's still hidden in the deep recesses of my bag while I pretend I'm looking for a lost baggie of Cheerios. I prefer the watch.


  1. and new poses too! We got to see some of your right side and some face-on action! Way to go!

    North Meets South

  2. I love it! You look so cute! I love the jeans/vest look, kinda 70s casual. Way to go on going out of your comfort zone!

    amy day to day

  3. Cute outfit, and nice pics! I'm so in love with white watches. When I went on vacation in March, it seemed like everyone in Florida/on my cruise had a white watch... so I bought one when I got home (Fossil watches on the cruise ship were $95+... my Fossil watch from TJ Maxx was $54).

  4. very cute outfit. also love the watch.

  5. I want to see close-ups of the watch!! :)

    And I totally agree, it's so much easier to take pictures when someone is there with you. Tripod is always awkward, but then I always feel weird posing when someone is taking a picture. It's a lose-lose situation. :(

    I love the vest!

  6. Ha picture's in public are so much fun.

    C x

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. So proud...

    I do the purse thing at church too. The WORST is when im in YW and we are talking about activities and I write it in my calendar on my phone, I immediately get death stares for having it out.

    Oh and..

    Leighana's Life

  9. K I knew Nikki was in town so when I saw the first pic I thought, "O Pictures of Nikki." Then I kept scrolling and thought, "Why would they both be wearing the same outfit." *Scroll back up..."Wow, that's not Nikki." Never thought you looked that much alike, but the first pic as Nikki written all over it.

  10. You are so gorgeous. This look is so simple but so fabulous.


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