Freckles in April: On Being a Gracious Blogger

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On Being a Gracious Blogger

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Blogging is such an interesting form of writing. It has the readership potential of a newspaper or magazine without the filtering benefit of an editor. There is no one setting any kind of specific expectations or standards for how things should be done which leads to a very eclectic mix.

It takes a long time to learn the ins and outs of blogging. After 5 years in the blogworld I feel like I've got a decent handle on the digital niceties and social mores. Allow me to share what I've learned.

A. If you host a guest blogger, write them an introduction and then let them have the spotlight.

Writing an intro for your own guest post is painful. Reading self introductions on guest posts is painful. If you are hosting a guest blogger who is providing you with quality content for your blog with no effort from you then the least you can do is write them a three sentence introduction.

Also, if at all possible, let your guest post be the only thing you put up that day. Anything you have to say can probably wait until their guest post has sat at the top of your blog for 24 hours.

B. Lay off the copy and paste.

Did you know that bloggers own a copyright on all their original content? It's true. All the pictures, words, tutorials, etc. on a person's blog legally belong to them. Therefore, copying and pasting stuff from someone else's blog without permission is technically stealing but I still see it all. the. time. If someone posts something you enjoy and would like to share on your own blog, follow these steps-

1. Ask permission to share their content. This is a good place for flattery.

2. Post only a picture, short snippet or quote from the original. Just give your readers a little teaser to get them interested.

3. Add a link directing your readers to the original if they'd like to see the rest.

C. Be kind.

Use your blogs for good. Be kind to others in your commenting and your posting. Strive to be among those who are inspirational and beautiful. You are entitled to your opinions. You are entitled to write about them. But please be respectful in your writing. Be respectful when you disagree. Take the high road when someone else doesn't.

And people may disagree with me on this one but I hate the practice of eviscerating mean commenters. I think it makes the person look petty. When someone just lets it slide or replies in a thoughtful, respectful manner I think, "Wow, that right there is a class act."

D. Link to people you mention.

If you're talking about someone who has a blog or website, link to them. Forgetting every once in a while is an honest mistake (I know I've done it), but failing to do so on a regular basis is lazy and a little rude. People like to be recognized and your readers like to put faces to names.

E. Leave thoughtful comments.

I've gotten a fair number of comments from people who were obviously here for 10 seconds with the sole purpose of self promotion. They left comments to the effect of, "Nice blog! Come follow mine!" or there was this one time I wrote about being sick and how I had a cruddy morning and someone commented, "Sounds like a lovely day! Come check out my giveaway!" These comments make me feel stabby.

You have every right to promote your blog but that is the wrong way to go about it. READ people's posts. Leave thoughtful comments. Insert a simple link to your blog (<a href="your link">your text</a>)and leave it at that. If you have good content then the followers will come on their own.

What am I missing? Any other tips for being a gracious blogger?


  1. Thanks for the tips! As a pretty new blogger, I appreciate it!

  2. I agree with all these tips. Another one I thought of is trying to respond to comments or replying to a first time visitor, thanking them for stopping by. I love it when a blog I visit visits me or responds nicely to a comment. I don't expect it, but it's nice when it happens, so I try to do the same!

    amy day to day

  3. P.S. How do you make that little box with your logo in it at the top of the page? Do you know what I'm talking about?

  4. I agree with Amy, I always try to respond to comments on my own blog and then visit the commenters site as well. Also, we all blog stalk, it's OK and part of the blogging world so feel free to comment and follow.

    Bake to Remember

  5. Some great tips! I also hate those comments that are half hearted and obviously written just to be promotional of their own blog.
    Latte Love

  6. Good tips. I try my best to be a kind blogger. Here's a question for you. You posted about bloggers needing to link their email, which I did, do you think it's better to email them or leave a comment on their blog?

    Method Clothe

  7. well done on the tips! i appreciated your insight.

  8. love it. esp the thing about guest posting. i'm learning so much about that this week in particular. tricky tricky sometimes.

  9. Well said! AND I love you because I am html uneducated and was always wondering how people put a link in the comment to their blog! Neat! I hope this works...(if not, sorry for messing it up!)
    Everyday Embellishments

  10. yyyyyikes. I am totally guilty of letter B on a weekly basis with your blog specifically. Super sorry!

  11. Did I ever tell you about the time I posted about having a rough day, that I even cried, and someone commented that it sounded like I had lovely day?!?! I couldn't believe it!

    I especially like C. Seriously, karma people! Be nice for no other reason just so no one is mean to you.

    North Meets South

  12. i think everyone needs a blogging etiquette lesson. and i know i need to be reminded of it. i've gotten some pretty insensitive comments, or comments where it's obvious they totally didn't even read my post.

    i do kind of enjoy nasty anonymous commenters though. it just makes me laugh.

  13. great things to say! I appreciated this. Great points and things to remind everyone. It's such a free podium for expression, but to remembering to be responsible with it is important.

  14. GREAT points. You hit some really great things. You, my friend, are a gracious blogger. Please keep it up. Loves.

  15. AnonymousMay 19, 2011

    In some ways, your last point is why I shy away from commenting on blogs, even if I stalk them for a long time (Hi! It's just me, your friendly, every-day stalker!). I don't want people thinking I am trying to be self-promotional. I know that's not what people think. After all, everyone loves a good comment! But I feel self-conscious anyhow. In some ways, the internet is just middle school all over again. And now I'm going to go cry in the bathroom.


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