Freckles in April: Oh Hey, I'm Alive

Friday, May 20, 2011

Oh Hey, I'm Alive

H&M shirt, N&Co dress, Steve Madden sandals via Marshall's, headband by me, earrings were a gift

Aaron loves pink and he loves long skirts. Thus, as you might imagine, he was head over heels for this outfit. Mostly I was just proud of myself for getting dressed. We pretty much kept Kleenex and Nyquil in business this week, my friends. I'm so glad this week is over.


  1. OOOO I love this look for you!!
    glad you all are feeling better
    hope you have a great weekend

  2. oh no! hope you're feeling all better soon.

  3. Gahhhhh I LOVE that dress!!! And I love that you wore the shirt under it instead of a cardigan or something else over it. It's so pretty!!

  4. Good to hear you're alive- and looking so great :) Love the maxi

  5. seriously love that dress!

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  7. That dress! It's incredible! (and in my favorite color too!) ;) It looks beautiful on you!

  8. Very pretty! :-) I enjoy browsing your blog for style inspiration! I'm a mom of four little ones, and I try hard to be put together most of the time so I'm not always in a frumpy t-shirt and sweatpants. :-)


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