Freckles in April: Mother's Day

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day

Wearing Anthropologie dress, shirt I cut open to make a cardigan, Mervyn's shoes, necklace from my sis

I bought this silk dress on clearance at Anthro ($18!) when I was super pregnant with Baby 2. I was determined to wear it to his baby blessing, which would have been all very well and good if I had been skinny again at that point. Buuuut it didn't really go that way and it has been languishing in my closet ever since. I finally decided Mother's Day was a good enough occasion to finally bust it out (I know, that was like five whole days ago. The lag time on my blog gets kind of ridiculous sometimes).

Thank you, Nikki, for capturing this moment.


  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2011

    No way! You cut a shirt open to make a cardigan?! How crafty are YOU?! Awesome! Ooooh, love the dress too!

  2. Ok, I'm like super duper in love with the first picture from yesterday's outfit!! You look amazing!

  3. $18!! what a steal. You lucky girl. And that pose in the last picture is HILARIOUS. :)

  4. $18 anthro?? amazing!

  5. wow, $18 at anthro?!?! LUCKY YOU!!!!!

    i love that you cut open a shirt to turn it into a cardi - super cute!!

    caroline - pictures & words


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