Freckles in April: Guest Post!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Guest Post!

Momma Go Round

Nina of Momma Go Round asked me if I would do a guest post on working with what you've got for her Fashion Week. I talked about two projects you've seen before but threw in a quick and easy new one as well. Check it out!


  1. I found you via Momma Go Round :) I have enjoyed looking around and now I'm a follower ;)

  2. thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! that made my day. (:

    i just read your guest post, and saw again the skirt that you dyed. you mention RIT dye. do you prefer the powder or the liquid form?

    i have a cream-colored cardigan that i have LOVED and used a ton, but a month+ ago someone spilled tomato soup all over me when i was wearing it. no joke. the arm and half of the front was saturated in tomato soup.

    i love your logic for attempting to make it wearable. i'm not wearing it as it is, so who cares if i ruin it!

    anyway, i was looking at the dyes and was curious as to what type you used (sorry if you mentioned this and i totally missed it).


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