Freckles in April: A Few of My Favorite Things

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

On my old blog someone asked me what products I couldn't live without. When I really thought about it, the only product that I might shrivel up and die if I was deprived was Chapstick. I swap brand loyalty occasionally (I had a brief affair with Burt's Bees) but I usually return to regular old Chapstick brand (in the black wrapper, please).

There may be only one thing that I can't live without but there are still a whole lot of products I really like. Which I will now share with you because me and the whole fam have been really sick this week and I've barely stepped out of my yoga pants so I have nothing else to talk about today.

1. Makeup primer that isn't really makeup primer

I know you've played "would you rather.." and had to decide between always being hot or always being cold. I much prefer being hot BUT I prefer the way my makeup looks when I'm cold. Heat makes my face melt. It's a sad state of affairs.

I was reminded of this recently when temps went up here in our lovely desert home. I was seriously considering plunking down real cash to try real makeup primer when I remembered this awesome post on New to Us. I made a quick trip to CVS and $9 later I am converted. My makeup sticks around all day and I require zero powder touch ups. Magic!

2. A Face Brush

When I was pregnant with Baby 2 my skin freaked. the eff. out. I was actually kind of embarrassed to go in public, it was that bad. I had bookmarked Clarisonic like a year before but couldn't justify the price tag. Then Holly posted about it and I made a decision. I marched into Aaron's office and said, "I need my Christmas present early. This is what you're getting me. Thank you, I love it." And then I marched back out and ordered one from (they occasionally have 20% off sales, which is why I bought it right then).

I wish I could tell you that it magically solved all my skin problems, but I do still have off days. BUT! My skin is way better. WAY better. I am a believer.

3. Hair Oomphers

CATWALK by Tigi: ROOT BOOST SPRAY FOR TEXTURE 8.5 OZMy hair is sad when left to its own devices. I discovered Tigi Root Boost before my sea salt spray and it was my one hair product for a long time (I like to keep things simple). Then my sea salt spray entered my life and when the two come together ("with our powers combined...") it's hair magic.Well, as magic as my hair can be. I mean, I'm no Whoorl, but I get by (seriously, check out her hair in that pic).

While I do love me some chemical laden beauty products, we ARE trying to go a little more natural where we can. Aaron's brother turned us on to Dr. Bronner's castile soap and we love it. We have the peppermint and the smell is divine. I also just ordered some organic coconut oil so we can try making our own deodorant. Yes, we are going there. I've also heard it makes a great moisturizer (the oil, not the deodorant), so I'm excited to try that as well.

What are your favorite products? Do you have any natural/organic suggestions to help me break my dependency on my chemical versions?


  1. Plain old vitamin E oil makes for a great lotion replacement. Also a little baking soda mixed with a touch of water to make a paste makes a scrub to help with ingrown hairs/unsightly bikini bumps.

    I love my clarisonic too, it's my hope it keeps wrinkles at bay as well!

  2. i found a sea salt spray at ulta for only 5.99 and with a 20% off coupon....i might have to try it out, since i'm not about to try to make something!

  3. I love coconut oil. I use it constantly, in cooking/skincare/smoothie making. Sometimes I eat it plain. If you're making Thai/Indian curries, you can throw a few spoonfuls in the rice while it's cooking to have a yummy coconut flavor. You can also use it as hair conditioner, but I would only use it on the ends, it's very greasy. You can also use Dr. Bronner's as shampoo... mix it with water and a touch of sunflower oil. There's an exact recipe somewhere online that I've found before. I could use tips on natural products too... we usually just stick with Burt's Bees or Tom's for toothpaste, Tom's for deodorant, and Dr. Bronner's for all of our soaping needs.

  4. My mom swears by coconut oil, for everything from skin care to cooking. I've used it in the past for mosquito bites and dry skin, and it works wonders - but you really do only need a small amount (it is very greasy).

    That homemade deodorant recipe is intriguing - I may have to try that myself!

  5. I'm going to have to try the trick for the makeup primer. I've never used primer before. Do you moisturize first? Or is that all you use? And I think it's great you're trying to go natural. I also heard of a blogger who uses coconut oil at night to moisturize. I'm going to try it too!

    amy day to day

  6. P.S. So does the clarisonic thing clear up acne?

  7. I have been wanting a Clairsonic soooo badly!! Thanks for the review. :)

  8. We use coconut oil for all our cooking these days, but I had never thought of using it as skincare.. maybe I'll have to try that out.

    I always forget to use my Clarisonic. and then I wonder why I have rough patches on my face.

  9. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    clarisonic lover here, too! so worth it.

  10. Can you tell me more about the sea salt spray? Do you apray it and then blow dry? I don't usually blow dry my hair unless I have to be out of the house early. I also don't style very much, so I'm trying to decide if it would still be worth it to try.


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