Freckles in April: Fashion Blogger (for a day): Kimberly

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fashion Blogger (for a day): Kimberly

Fashion Blogger for a day

Kimberly started off as a friend of a friend who became a blog friend who finally became a real life friend when we had ourselves a couple super fun play dates RIGHT before she decided to up and move far far away to Tuscaloosa (this is where you go "Uh oh..."). It was very sad.

Fortunately, blogging means you're never really THAT far away from your friends and you can keep in touch easily (which is one of the main reasons I love it so much). We're able to keep in blog-touch and now I'm trying to shanghai her into spending some time with me next time she visits my neck of the woods.

I love Kim's laid back style and this post made me laugh out loud. I am seriously considering a "Fashion Blogger Outtakes" post (I've got some real winners) and boy howdy do I know about the Target post-baby desperation run (ahem). We should start a support group.

And you know how I mentioned above that Kim is currently living in Tuscaloosa? Well, be sure to show her some extra love today. She sent me this post a few weeks ago and since then they weathered some crazy tornados and her house was destroyed. My thoughts and prayer are with her and her family!


From seventh grade through my first year of college, I wore my hair in a sloppy bun just about every day.  When I finally mustered the courage to chop off my hair into what I considered the world's cutest haircut, I rushed home and said, "DAD! What do you think of my hair?"  He responded with the overwhelmingly supportive, "at least you don't look like a librarian anymore."*  Gee, thanks.  That afternoon confirmed what I had feared for some time: I was the most boring person on the planet.

I still think I am pretty boring, but I'm happy that way.  I married a life-of-the-party type and I am comfortable in my place as the reserved but level-headed member of the team.  I am naturally drawn to black, white, grey, get the idea.  In order to keep the inner librarian** from taking over my closet, I've come up with a few style rules that works for me.  It's going to work for me a lot better when I incorporate some of the great ideas the other bloggers have shared.

This is something I would wear on a weekday:
 shirt: Old Navy, jeans: Old Navy, shoes: some random place in the mall, purse: Legoland
And this is how I work:

  1. Plan my outfits from the shoes up.  I am much more willing to wear patterned shoes than a patterned shirt, so it's a great place to slip in some variety.  If I don't start here, I usually find myself throwing on my favorite flip flops which are wonderful but don't do anything to spice up an outfit.
  2. Get a great pair of jeans.  Jeans are the one thing in my wardrobe I usually buy full price because I don't often find just the right pair on sale (I lucked out with the pair in this picture which were half the price I usually pay).  I also had to learn to hem pants properly because I have short legs.
  3. At least one thing must be a non-librarian color (black, white, gray).  Also, the more black or white I wear, the better the accessories must be.  This shirt happens to have a pattern, so when I put on a necklace, it was too much for my weak nerves.  The most I could manage was a pair of stud earrings. 
  4. Accessorize with my purse.  Since I have to carry one for child-related paraphernalia anyway, I am working on quite a collection of purses that I can change out depending on my mood or the outfit's weakness.  My next heart's desire is something like this blue one.  I even made a reversible purse in bright colors that was surprisingly easy and only took 2 yards of fabric.  I already have one planned in polka dots.  The pattern can be found here.
Finally, on occasions when the siren call of the wardrobe staples (read this as: plain, solid, dependable) is too strong, I like to make fun of myself a little bit by playing up my natural tendencies.  For example, this is what I wore to church today:

necklace: gift from a friend, shirt: Coldwater Creek, cardigan: Gap sale rack, skirt: Target post-baby desperation run***, shoes: Bakers
Black flats, tights, a pleated skirt, a cardigan and pearls may not be the most fashion forward outfit on the block, but it looks intentional and is more put together than a t-shirt and jean skirt (which was my go-to outfit for many years).  When I'm feeling put together, even if it's monochromatic, I feel more confident.  When I feel confident, I stand up straighter and that makes any outfit look better.

And there you have it.  If nothing else, this whole experience makes me appreciate Kayla's pictures a lot more (it's a pretty silly process to say the least).  If you ever decide to do horrible fashion photo outtakes, Kayla, let me know.  I have a ton.

*Don't worry folks, after some intervention, his response to that question is now "I'm happy if you like it, honey."
**This is, of course, no actual statement about librarians like Janssen, who is actually a librarian and also very stylish.
***Buying clothes in desperation is not a good idea.  This skirt is the only of the five things I purchased that actually looked good on me a few weeks later.  I should have just saved my money and enjoyed the excuse to wear sweats for a couple months.


  1. great idea for a guest post! loved reading.

  2. I LOVE that shirt from Old Navy. Why do I not have it?

    (And we can all agree that the librarian stereotype is not a good looking one :)).

  3. I kind of adore that gray skirt.

  4. I LOVE that part of blogging and being able to not be that far away from friends through it. Wow, how tragic that she lost her home. That was intense to see. So glad they are okay!

    By the way, check out my Uniquely Your City blog post share! I would love for you to have your own post on there! Not sure if you ever about things to do in your city, but sometimes that coincides with fashion posts - even events would work.

  5. Kayla-I've been blog stalking you for a while because I'm one of Kim's friends and I noticed your blog on her side bar. I'm very jealous of your skirt making skills! Plus I'm a long dress person and you seem to have lots of different looks for them. I love it :)
    Kim-I loved your guest post, you made me laugh. Especially when I saw the legoland purse. So great! I can't wait to see you!

  6. I don't really stick to librarian colors, but I do stay pretty monochromotic sometimes. I used to wear a LOT of blue....and now I am literally forcing myself to wear other colors. So far, so good!

  7. Oh goodness, her story about losing her home made me cry for about 10 minutes. Let me shake it off for a moment and tell you that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You are darling. And any friend of Janssen is an instant friend of mine!!!


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