Freckles in April: The Wednesday Want

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Wednesday Want

My birthday is fast approaching (and by fast I mean it's still 20 days away). Aaron already gave me his gift (a new HTC Inspire phone, which I love with a passionate fiery love) but now I have to figure out what I am going to get me.*

Option 1: Toms Red Canvas Wedges

I love the snot out of my blue striped ones and they get a ton of wear. I think a red pair would be fabulous and great for spring and summer. And you can't really ever go wrong with red shoes, you know?

Option 2: Nom de Plume Blouse from Spotted Moth

I love the print, the colors, the tummy skimming silhouette (hi, 2 babies). It would be perfect with jeans OR a skirt. And it doesn't need layers, which is important with the coming heat (bleeerghhh).

Option 3: UO Suede Pump aka the Kendi Heel

I spent 30 for 30 drooling over Kendi's red UO pumps (see them in a bunch of her Fall remixes here. They're also featured in her header). She seriously rocks those heels and pairs them with everything. I've been wanting a pair of my own ever since and I'm kind of leaning toward the yellow.

Option 4: A maxi dress. Or 4.

I'm SO glad maxi dresses are in right now. I've always had a thing for long skirts and dresses (A. no leg shaving! B. Aaron thinks they're hot) but cute ones have always been hard to find. Now they're everywhere and there are like a million that I want and quite a few of them are super affordable (F21!)

Option 5: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I've read it once but I'm dying to read it again. Books this good should be owned, not just borrowed from the library.

I'm kind of leaning toward the Tom's wedges (ok, and Hunger Games is cheap enough that I'm going to get it no matter what) but I'm not above being swayed. Thoughts?

*I say this like I don't use my allowance to buy myself clothing every month.


  1. Definitely go with the wedges.

    I want them now... =)

    And I'm going to see what that book is all about!

  2. I don't have any maxi dresses, but I was at the Downeast outlet yesterday and saw about 4 I wanted to own SO BAD. I didn't buy any because I had the kid with me and was just running in to look at furniture, but I'm dying to go back. I don't own any long dresses but I have a lot of long skirts and they are the best! Plus, now that I have a new job, I need a new wardrobe? Right?

  3. The OU pumps I love, but I think the TOMS might be more spring-y. Oh, and I dont know if you have this issue as well (you probably do because its hotter where you are than where I am) but closed toed pumps make me feet SO DANG hot in the summer. And you should totally get a maxi dress as well...I got one from F21 a few weeks ago for $12. It's like walking around in PJ's.

  4. 2 and 3 for sure! I have been wanting that blouse forever!! (It's the cutest modest top they have I think) And those heels look fabulous.


  5. I was TOTALLY eying the yellow heels to just yesterday! Me want too! :)

  6. Go for the red TOMS and the book. Then use some allowance to pick up a cheapie maxi dress at F21 or at Target when they have a sale!

  7. the shoes from urban - will be in style forever, easy to walk in because hte heel is low, love the color, will look great with skinny jeans or skirts. the toms wedges - eh. they are nice but you already have a couple of tom's dont you? that's just my humble opinion!

  8. Well, what about us shorties?? I'm 5'2 (and 1/2 on a good day!!) Can I wear those long dresses? I've seen some really pretty ones, but have always steered clear because I'm short. Opinion??

  9. Definitely the red TOMS! I totally want those shoes. And def the Hunger Games, oh gosh I wiped those three books out in 3 days, they are soooooo good! And then when no one is looking just slip to forever21 and get a maxi dress in the clearance section for like $7. No one has to know ;)

  10. I agree with #3. I love wearing color on my feet.
    #4 reminds me I have a maxi dress I bought a couple of years ago at the exchange at Camp Pendelton. I have no idea where it is. I GOTTA FIND IT!!!

  11. i'm going to vote for option #2 or #3 because i want both. p.s. i saw several tom's wedges at last chance last week for a fraction of the price. maybe you could find some there?

  12. You have convinced me that I need a pair of the Toms wedges. I'm eying the red striped pair... UGH. Must resist urge to spend money.

    I'm on book two of the hunger games right now. I have to listen to the audiobooks on my commute because it's kind of hard to read and drive at the same time. And I don't have time to read otherwise, but it's not a good idea to listen to the books on my way to work. I'm currently in the part where Katniss is in the capitol about to enter the arena, and it just making my bawl my eyes out. Not exactly a good look for the office.

  13. You need to help me decide what I want for my birthday. Because you have far superior taste.

  14. Get Hunger Games regardless. I've only read twice and need to read it again but have to library. Just buy it.

    As for your gift, you could either buy those new TOMS and give the old ones to me or buy those UO heels and give them to me. Actually, I'd just get the UO heels. They are to die for.

    North Meets South


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