Freckles in April: Spring Skirt Number 4. Also: BRAVERY

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Skirt Number 4. Also: BRAVERY

Wearing Old Navy shades, DownEast shirt, skirt by me, Seychelles sandals via Last Chance, bracelets from Last Chance, earrings from in-laws, ring from Charlotte Russe

This picture was taken in front of my house. Sure, I ran inside even when I THOUGHT I heard a car (which was every 2 seconds because it was windy), but still. Gold star for venturing forth, I say.

My hat is way way off to all the fashion bloggers who blithely go into public places and take their outfit pictures. I'm just not sure I have it in me.


I whipped this skirt up in well under an hour last night. The pros: I like the shape. I love the waistband. The cons: it looks like a bed sheet. Which makes sense because that's what it was in its former life. A much beloved blue striped bed sheet.


  1. I don't think it looks like a bed sheet! I love it :) As I was reading the post I was thinking, ooo I wonder where she got that skirt! But you made it. Mad skills girl!

  2. No, I think it just looks like a sheet because you used it as a sheet. It looks kind of like linen in the pictures but definitely not bedsheet.

  3. Im with Julie... I was wondering and hoping you would spill the beans on how you made it! How about you do a blog swap w me and give out all the details! :)

  4. So cute - love the shape of the skirt! And your shoes & glasses are so snazzy.

    I have similar front porch issues. Usually stick to the back deck....

  5. I love this skirt and the fun details you've added. Pretty pattern...bed sheet or not :)
    I'm so use to using my timer on my camera that I can hardly have my husband or friends take my OOTD pictures without laughing!! :)

  6. Cute skirt! Who cares if it was a bed sheet! Its a cute skirt now...that's all that matters!

    And I totally understand wanting to run back inside. I often have my husband take pics of me on our back porch where no one can really tell what we are doing... but sometimes we take pics elsewhere...I try to aim where there aren't many (or any) people at all!

    Lastly, I love your statement under post a comment "Any trolls will be dragged into the trees and beaten soundly." They should be, they should be!

  7. i LOVE the shape of this skirt. i want to make one.

    also i love those sandals... i almost bought them at last chance too!

  8. This makes me laugh so hard, Kayla! Because I do the EXACT same thing. We've been doing outfit pics in front of my house too. We have a pretty enclosed porch, which is nice, so I'm always making my husband go out front first to see if anyone's there and if we hear a car I run inside. I think the skirt looks great!

    amy day to day

  9. I really like the skirt, the shape is fantastic! And you're taking it one step at a time. I've found that taking pictures in public isn't so bad if you find sort of secluded places (abandoned buildings, graffiti havens, etc.) or go out for pictures really early. You probably have better things to do at 7am though! I do too--mainly sleeping ;)

  10. I love that skirt! I don't think it even resembles a bed sheet.

  11. Speaking of bravery... me and my friend did a little mini-photoshoot outside public...on the side of the road..on a hill. A minimum of maybe 50 people saw us. Also, I was dancing at one point... i'm brave. Still a little embarrassed though because I looked at the pictures and realized I still cant pose.

  12. Thanks for popping over, Kayla! And I LOVE your skirt. Well done!

    -Chelsea @ The Alexanders


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Any trolls will be dragged into the trees and beaten soundly.

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