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Friday, April 15, 2011


Once upon a time while on a family trip to Vegas I saw this wooden bead purse in a really pricey store and fell in love. But alas, I was like 14 and had no money and, even though it was the cheapest thing in the shop, it was still over $100. My mom told me if I could find it cheaper somewhere then she would buy it for me.

More than a year passed and, despite keeping my eye on the purse displays in department stores, my purse never surfaced.

And then one day my mom, sister and I went to the mall and my sister pointed to the purse clearance table and said, "Hey...isn't that your purse?"

Holy merciful shnikeys, it was. And it was on sale. I can't remember the exact number but I'm fairly certain it was under $20. My mom made good on her promise.

My high school friends are going "YOU STILL HAVE THAT?!?"

I found it lurking in the back of my closet last November and was so excited that I had Aaron take a picture.

Me and that purse had a lot of good years together. It kind of became my signature. People may not have known me but they knew my purse. Sure, some people made fun of the fact that it looks like a taxi driver's chair cover but I'm pretty sure that was the jealousy talking.

One time I went to a store in the mall and bought something. I went back a few weeks later and bought something else and the girl behind the counter said, "Were you in here a few weeks ago?" And I was like, "Wow, yeah, you have an amazing memory." She shrugged and said, "Not really, I just remembered that purse. I LOVE it." That kind of thing happened a lot to me and my purse.

Rediscovering this purse got me thinking about signature items. I'd love to have another distinctive signature bag (maybe when I don't need to cart diapers and cheerios around with me everywhere). In high school I also wore a delicate jeweled horseshoe necklace every day (I still wear it sometimes) but it wasn't as visible.

Do you have a signature thing?


  1. I was always jealous of that purse. I wanted it.

  2. No joke, I was totally just thinking about the first time I met you, and that purse was a definite part of the memory.

  3. I have a signature purse too! It's not as big a deal, because its fairly simple but I've had it forever!! Oh and I wear a brown ribbon bracelet on my left wrist at all times. It has a secret special meaning and people are always buggin me about finding out what it means.

  4. This is an amazing signature pure! :)

    Just Better Together

  5. Occasionally I see a similar purse and think of you!


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