Freckles in April: Shlump

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Wearing Target shirt, Gap jeans, Target moccasins, cuff from street vendor in the Bahamas, other bracelet was a gift from my mama

Tried the half tuck again. Eh. I'm moving on.

Does anyone else occasionally have really terrible hair days where you end up doing your hair like 4 times and it keeps looking awful and you should really throw in the towel at some point and wash it and start from scratch but it just doesn't happen because you are lazy?


...Me either.


  1. I have that day nearly daily but I usually choose to ignore my hair. We're even because it always ignores me. I like how yours looks in that top picture! It looks like big poofy fun.

  2. yeah, that happens with my hair way too often. also, why doesn't everyone else have to wash their hair every single day like i do? makes me so mad.

  3. I had one of those hair days today - your hair looks so fab though.

    C x
    Have you guys checked out my giveaway yet?

  4. I like the hair! But yes.. I definitely have those days..often..

  5. Hi there! Found you from Everyone Everwear and immediately added you to my reader :) .

    Yes, I definitely have those days and I do exactly what you did - throw it up in a bun. Oh, also, someone mentioned the front tuck on your everyone everywear post and I love the front tuck look, too. I've only tried it with a simple tee tucked in front, then a flannel tailored shirt like the one you have on over and left it unbuttoned. I've seen friends wear it with strapless shirts and a belt, though, and it was still super cute.

  6. well clearly you don't have those days because your hair looks awesome. but yeah, I do have those days. thanks for bragging.

  7. I hate bad hair days where the only cure is washing my hair and of course, I have no time to do it. Washing of the hair sucks, and I have yet to find a dry shampoo that actually works well on my hair. :(


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