Freckles in April: Scarf

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Wearing thrifted scarf, Wal Mart tee, Macy's? skirt, thrifted shoes

Not pregnant. Just incapable of standing normally.

I have tried so hard to be a scarf person. I just cannot quite figure out how to get it to look pretty around my neck. I always end up looking like a flight attendant. It works way better on my head. Except it's silk and feels wonderful and I can't stop playing with it. Feeding my children? Playing with my scarf. Taking pictures? Playing with my scarf. Driving to the grocery store? Playing with my scarf. Typing a blog post? You better believe I'm typing one handed and playing with my scarf.

Please ignore my eyebrows. I have an appointment set up, I swear.

Want to know what I did today while wearing my pretty silk scarf and pink heels? Hosed baby poop out of a pair of tiny shorts. Got smeared with half chewed graham cracker. Twice. Chased two naked sopping children around the backyard (they discovered how to turn on the hose. I took off my heels for that one). Had several discussions about human digestion (Stinky is fascinated with the fact that his milk will eventually come out his wee wee and his rice will come out his bum and we must discuss this at length multiple times a day).

There is so much about parenthood I was unprepared for.

The glamor. It's never ending over here.


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  2. You look so pretty! I love your scarf, I need to get some summery scarves.

  3. o this looks really pretty. You pull it off so well. I would look like a gypsy.

  4. Well, you pulled off the hair scarf look really well and love those shoes!

  5. haha! Sounds a lot like our house, only I'm less put-together. :) My 3 1/2 year old son is OBSESSED with the human body and we check out hordes of books and he wants to discuss at length the digestive system. He loves the intestines and, of course, the poop. Boys. Can't wait to see how our little miss will fit into the equation once she can fend for herself.

  6. Love those shoes!

    Oh man, it's all downhill once they figure out how to turn the hose on.

  7. Hahaha being a momma isjust all kinds of fun, isn't it? lol

    You sure do look amazing for a day of chasing the kids around!! I wish I looked that good while doing all the momma stuff. I save my cuteness for work. ;-)

  8. This post totally cracked me up. I mean, sounded farmiliar. LOL

    I love the scarf - I have a ton of vintage scarves from my mom and Grandma. I tie them around fun summer bag handles. {When a diaper bag is not in tow.} :)

  9. K...which thrift store are you shopping at? Cause I don't EVER see cute shoes like that where I'm goin'

  10. Cute heels. I think the scarf looks great. I struggle with wearing scarfs. I see them in magazines and on the manaquins but they just don't look the same on me.

    Method Clothe

  11. I adore your shoes. Also, I totally feel for your day, but I don't look half as good going through a similar one. I'm getting there though...I can say that I'm like, 200% improved from when we were roommates...or will be, once I go and shower today. :)

  12. This outfit is amazing. You look so chic!


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