Freckles in April: Rain on My Parade

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rain on My Parade

Wearing Target necklace, shirt from some department store or another (it's old), thrifted skirt, Toms wedges, cuff from a street vendor in the Bahamas

There's a little something extra in this photo...

There's this super cute mom at a playgroup we go to every week. Like with blond highlighted hair and perfect makeup and a tiny little bod. And when I walked in today she said, "You are always dressed so cute!"

One of my greatest fears is that the one time I leave my house looking like a shlump I will get recognized from my blog. I've been recognized a couple times but, fortunately, I was all dressed and stuff. But I KNOW the next time I go to the grocery store in my yoga pants and unwashed greaseball hair someone is going to be like, "Hey, I read your blog!" And in their head they're going to be thinking, "Not exactly practicing what you preach, I see..."

Today felt like the opposite of that.

I struggle with the tucking. Tucked in looks so fussy to me (especially with a white button up) but untucked looks sloppy. I've seen a few half-tucks around and I was like, "Hey, compromise!" Except I worry it looks silly? GETTING DRESSED IS SO HARD.

Plus, it rained on my photo shoot and made my hair go flat. The trials of fashion blogging.

PS I'm going to be an auntie again! Do you know what this means? In her FB(fad) post Nikki was pregnant. I did not look that good while 10 weeks pregnant, people. I looked green and broken out and she looked glowy. Un. fair.


  1. that skirt is great...perfect color and perfect length and looks like perfect stretch?

    and agreed....your sister looked amazing!! Congrats!!!

  2. Did you get those TOMs for your b-day? Does that mean you are giving me your old ones? ;)

    Also, I try to do the half-tuck all the time but it never works out for me. Way to rock it! And congrats!

    North Meets South

  3. I dont think I can do the half tuck. Whenever I look at the mirror I feel so sloppy!

    Just Better Together

  4. I spy a little person behind you. I do the half tuck on occasion.

  5. I think if you tuck in the very front and leave out the sides and back, it'd look super cute and put together! You look great with the half tuck, but try a front tuck next time. You might like it. I can picture it already and it looks great :)

    amy day to day

  6. You ALWAYS look cute, Kayla! I highly doubt you could ever look schlumpy.

    I'm not sure if I like the half-tuck. I think it works with this shirt since the shirt flaps in the front (whatever they're called) are short. Sometimes when people do the half tuck with long shirts, it just looks odd.


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