Freckles in April: Pay What You Want Art

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pay What You Want Art

You guys remember the beautiful Caitlin of Hue and Hum? Her guest post was all about the amazing clothes she has made for her rock star husband but she's also an incredibly talented artist-

She regularly offers prints of her work for sale on her blog but, here's the thing

You pay what you want.

For reals. Those prints you see above are the ones she's currently offering for sale for Mother's Day (or, you know, for whatever. Like the super special occasion known as Thursday night). If you want to pick one up for yourself or for your mom or BFF (for a price you get to choose!) just hop on over to her blog!

PS You guys, Blogger hates me. The link to Ralphie's blog is now working. I seriously have no idea why my links keep breaking but it's making me feel stabby. But really, her blog is gorgeous and you should go visit. 

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  1. Thursday night is definitely worth commemorating. But seriously, those prints are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

    North Meets South


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