Freckles in April: Pardon My Dust

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pardon My Dust

My inspiration board

I was up until mumble mumble last night redesigning and breaking and then fixing my blog. I'm still working out a few things (and probably will be but it's mostly done...ish. And now Freckles in April has a nice, Spring-y facelift.

Pop out of your feed reader super quick and take a look!

Huge thanks to Kimmie for coming through at like midnight and giving me some super handy CSS code.

Inspiration image by Benoit Paille via Pinterest. Thank you TinEye for helping me find the original source!


  1. It looks pretty. I like your picture for your button too, so cute!

  2. Gorgeous, dah-ling. Simply gorgeous.

    North Meets South

  3. I love it. I still haven't gotten into how to redesign my blog. How on earth do I go about doing that? Google it?

  4. I need to prettify my blog too, I just have NO idea how to.

  5. Angela- I just kind of dink around in the blog editor and Google things I want to know how to do. It's not the most scientific of approaches, but thus far it has worked for me.

  6. I love it! My blog is pretty much under constant construction... i feel like putting out a disclaimer : "i promise im more creative than this" Just blog will be pretty in a week or 3.

  7. i adore the new look. adore.


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