Freckles in April: One Year

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Year

Chocolate + vanilla bean cake, cream cheese filling and chocolate frosting

One year ago today-

Last belly picture taken in L&D triage at almost 40 weeks. I was large and in pain.

Pain gone. Sunshine! Rainbows! SO much love.

Having a second child was so odd to me. I had one child who I knew completely, inside and out. He was my sidekick, my constant companion, my little love. And then I had this total stranger growing in my belly. I was worried I wouldn't know how to love another baby quite like I loved my little Stinky.

And then Baby 2 was born.

I struggled to bond with Stinky at first. I was brand new to motherhood and he spent his first 2 weeks in the NICU. I had a hard time seeing that tiny darling thing in the isolette as mine. Not so with Baby 2. They plopped his hefty 8+ pound bod on my chest in the OR while my belly was still yawning open. I looked into that bitty round grumpy face and knew.

Baby 2 is one today. Being his mommy is like having my heart beating outside my body and teetering around covered in dirt and unknown sticky substances.

Over the past month a few freckles have popped up on his sweet round cheeks.

That's my baby.


  1. My pained pictures do not look so glamorous as yours. I'm swollen with water and look like it all hurts, which it does. I think you should have another soon if you make it look that good! Happy Birthday to baby number 2!

  2. Happy Birthday to him! Why have I not met him?

  3. Happy, happy birthday to him! I love this post. :)

  4. What a beautiful post- Happy Birthday to your boy! As a fellow freckle gal, I can't wait until I have babies to see if they have them too :)

  5. So many things to say about this post. First, Happy Birthday Baby 2! Second, save me a piece of that cake. It looks delicious! And third, I love this post because it especially shows of your writing skills. Boy, do you have skills.

    North Meets South

  6. Girl - you looked great at 9 mo.pregnant! I love these post of reminiscing!! :)

  7. That cake looks DIVINE!

    Happy birthday to baby #2!

  8. I liked your fringe. Love the post-delivery picture, probably the best of its kind I've ever seen.

  9. Happy Birthday cute baby 2!!! Beautiful post, Kayla. That cake looks yummy too.

  10. This is so so cute.

    C x

  11. Don't mean to reiterate what everyone else is saying but you look beautiful in both your pre/post labor pics! My face was only a smidgen smaller than my belly on the day I gave birth. Must be an Asian thing. We were spared of saddle bags but our faces just seem to get bigger with age.

    Happy 2nd birthday to your little stud!

  12. congrats, and happy birthday to baby! you looked beautiful pregnant.

  13. Happy happy birthday Baby 2!

  14. what a beautiful (and NOT large) pregnant woman you were! Happy Happy Birthday #2!

  15. Missed it by a few days, but happy birthday, Baby #2!

    And I kind of hate you for being one of THOSE pregnant ladies. Why do you look so good for being 40 weeks? Why does your face still look normal and not abnormally bloated? AND you could still wear your ring? And your belly is just the perfect size instead of round all over like I was. I'd like to hire you to make all my clothes and skirts, and then you can cook yummy bacon pasta for me and be a surrogate mother for my baby #2. I'll pay you in compliments :)


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