Freckles in April: New Shirt From an Old Shirt

Friday, April 29, 2011

New Shirt From an Old Shirt

Things you do not normally see on my blog: yoga pants

A couple months ago I made Aaron go through his closet and give me whatever he didn't want. I ended up with two of his collared shirts. One became a skirt and the other hung out in my closet while I figured out what to do with it.

Eventually I decided I just wanted to take it in. I love button up shirts and I can always use another one.

I turned it inside out and laid a shirt that fits me well on top. I traced around with my fabric marking pen, did a quick sewing job and voila. Freeeee new shirt.

The fit is a little looser and quite long with dropped shoulders. It's super comfortable. My favorite way to wear it is with skinny jeans-

Wearing Aaron's reworked shirt, necklace by me, jeans from Kohls, Toms wedges

Best part of these pictures? The dead tree attacking my head.

 But it also works tucked into my favorite skirt-

Wearing Aaron's reworked shirt, Target necklace, department store skirt (old), Steve Madden heels from Last Chance

Tyra would be wondering where my neck went

And, in other shirt news, let me introduce you to my freshman roommate, Nicole (you can call her Miss Micoe):

She got style.
Roomies 4eva

Nicole loved that one ruffled shirt as much as we all did but instead of spending like 3 hours trying to locate the original (not that I did that), she made her own. And took some super awesome pictures in the process.

Love it.


  1. How did I not guess that the 80's night picture would be the one posted?

    I totally love you Kayla. :D

  2. all your re-purposing has made me all itchy to get my machine back. today at 3!!! the only problem is I have too many ideas of what I want to work on that I can't decide what to do first!

  3. Love a men's button up
    Have stolen a few from my boys as well.

  4. LOVE your outfit with the skirt and new shirt, you're so pretty! Also, Nicole was my RA when I was a freshman at BYU. Random. Love that girl!
    Lizzie B

  5. haha I love the before picture. What a transformation!

    Ask the Duplex

  6. i've always thought it would be fun to buy some vintage men's button-ups and repurpose them so i could wear them. but inside i know i'm not really that ambitious.

    i laughed about the dead tree attacking your head! ha

  7. I never thought of going through my husbands closet to rework his clothes. Smart girl.
    Have a great weekend!

    Method Clothe

  8. did you shorten the sleeves as well? time to raid hubby's side of the closet!


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