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Friday, April 1, 2011

From the Archives

 This meme went around back in 2007 and I thought it was so fun. I love hearing how people met and got engaged. And I love our story. We were crazy but it worked out just dandy. I really like that Aaron guy.

The other day we were driving and somehow one of my ex boyfriends came up. I commented that he was an awesome guy but I was so glad I didn't marry him. There were fundamental personality conflicts at play even in the early days of our dating and I probably would have murdered him within the first year of marriage.

A: So why did you date him?

K: I don't know...I guess because we really had the best conversations. Every date was like this mind opening, worldview expanding experience. He had really interesting opinions and we had a blast just discussing stuff. We usually disagreed but it was still like the best college class you've ever taken.

A: ....I like shiny things.

K: Me too. And that's why we're married.


Where did you and your husband meet?

We met in a singles ward. He was working on his master's degree at ASU and I was home for the summer from BYU between my sophomore and junior years. I usually went to church with Raquel, but she was out of town that week so I braved it alone. Aaron and his roommate sat next to me in sacrament meeting. I actually knew his name because he was the temple prep class teacher and his name was in the program each week, but I had never seen him before. I wish I could remember my initial impression, but I don't. We had a short conversation before the meeting started, nothing earth shattering. But as I sat next to him I had this little voice in my head saying, "You're going to marry him!" And I thought I was totally crazy.

After sacrament meeting he asked for my e-mail address. As I gave it to him I thought, "I'll never hear from THAT guy again!"

What was the first thing you said to your husband?

Probably, "No, go ahead" in response to "Is anyone sitting here?"

Where was your first date?

Sticky question. We disagree about the amount of "dating" we actually did. Aaron was more of a hanger-outer than a dater. At 25 years old he was already a little jaded about spending money on other people's future wives. We first hung out the Wednesday after we met. Me, him, and his roommate met at the driving range and hit a bucket of balls together. I had never swung a golf club before (mini golf doesn't count), so I had my dad show me how to do it before I left. I still sucked.

This picture was taken on the anniversary of our first date at the same driving range

Probably our first "real" date though, was the next weekend when Aaron made me dinner at his house and we watched Casablanca together. He's got a couple recipes that he makes from scratch that are just phenomenal, and chicken fettucini alfredo is one of them. I think that date really won me over...I'll do just about anything for alfredo sauce and I'm a sucker for old movies. I thought I had found the perfect man that night. That's the only old movie we've ever watched together. Figures.

[ed. note: after I wrote this in 2007 I got on his case about how that night was kind of like false advertising and we should watch another old movie. We rented Arsenic and Old Lace a few weeks later. Aaaand we haven't watched an old movie since.]

Where was your first kiss?

Aaron's friend, Jenna, came to visit him from southern Cali about 2 weeks after we met. That Saturday they invited me to go float down the river with them and a group of Aaron's roommates and other people from the ward. Bumping along down the road in the bus with our tubes was when we first held hands. I have a vivid memory of being all sweaty, my legs jammed between two piles of tubes, and smelling of sunscreen as he reached for my hand. It was perfect.

The river was a lot of fun, but I got sunburned pretty badly. We went back to Aaron's house after the river and as the evening went on I just got more miserable as my burn developed. Finally, one of Aaron's roommates mentioned that there was an aloe plant growing in the backyard and maybe that might make me feel better.

So Aaron led me to the back patio. It was monsoon season and the clouds had rolled in. There was thunder and lightning off in the distance and it had started to sprinkle a bit. The air smelled like rain. He broke off and opened up a piece of aloe plant and I got an all over aloe rub down from my future husband (it was awesome). By the time he finished with my calves, the rain was really coming down and the lightning was getting pretty spectacular. He stood up and gave me a (very gentle) hug. And then he kissed me.

After meeting me, Jenna started praying for Aaron and me to get married. Let that be a lesson to you about the Lord answering prayers!

Jenna and (a creepy looking) Aaron.

How long did you date?

Well...we sort of skipped that part. We went from hanging out to engaged very quickly. It wasn't long after that first kiss in the rain that we were talking marriage.

Did you have a long or short engagement?

Short-ish. But I'm not exactly sure when we got engaged. We met July 10 (my sister's birthday), we had pretty much decided to get married by around July 30th. He asked my dad's permission on August 4 (Aaron's birthday) and he gave me my ring and formally asked me a few weeks later (I don't remember the date) and we got married December 21st. We'll just say 5-ish months.

If you're reading that thinking "Were they INSANE?" The answer is yes. And also, pressed for time. I was supposed to go back to BYU within a few weeks and we knew we had to make a decision about what we wanted and we had to make it quick. So we did and never looked back.

Our engagement picture

Where did you get engaged?

At my parents' old house. We started talking about marriage on the porch off of the game room, he asked my dad in the kitchen, and he gave me the scrapbook with my ring on the back patio. It was a good house.

My ring

Where were you married?

The Mesa, AZ temple with a reception in my parents' backyard and then another reception in Hawaii in Aaron's parents' backyard.

How did the reception go?

Awesome! We thought the best part of the day would be the whole "getting married" thing, but really, the best part was all the friends and family we got to see and hang out with that day. We didn't want to leave at the end of the night! There were still so many people left I wanted to talk to and Aaron was having a blast seeing his friends and family who had come from other states. The reception itself was gorgeous, and we had so much fun. As we drove away we kept saying, "I don't think today could have BEEN any better!"

We had another reception at Aaron's parents' house on Oahu a week or so later. That one was also a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to meet all of Aaron's friends and the people he had grown up around. The food in particular was fantastic (the fresh lilikoi juice was My dad parked himself in front of the sushi chef and only moved to refill his juice.

Dad + sushi

At our Hawaii reception with some of Aaron's friends

How was the honeymoon?

Also awesome. We spent a week in Rocky Point, Mexico recovering at the Sonoran Spa. We went for lots of walks on the beach, spent some quality time in the jacuzzi, and got massages at the spa. Then we stayed at this really cute bed and breakfast on Oahu for a week for the reception there. We had a great time in both places and really enjoyed all the sleep we were finally able to get. If both sets of parents didn't read this blog I'd tell you about an awkward incident with a Mexican cleaning lady, but I know my dad in particular doesn't want to hear about it, so just ask me later if you want the story.

At the downtown fish market in Rocky Point.


  1. You guys are ridiculously awesome. I am reeeeaally happy I know you.

    Also, how fun was it when all four of us were together last spring?

  2. aww what a sweet love story. you were a lovely bride!

  3. I love this. When you know!

    Also very envious of the two week honeymoon and that reception in Hawaii!

  4. loved reading your story. someday i should really get around to typing mine out, but i can't remember many details. i have a bad memory. all the more reason to write it out while i can, i guess...

  5. This was fun to read, and I mostly loved how it just sort of abruptly ended with a hint about an awkward story. Awesome.

  6. Did I ever tell you the awkward honeymoon story about your dad and I?

  7. LOVE you and your hubby's story :)

  8. pretty sure the guy in the red is my friends brother.... small world. Unless I am wrong. Then it is just strange :)

  9. I won't lie... I kind of want to hear about the awkward incident with the Mexican cleaning lady!

  10. So...I'm just reading this. And LOVING it. And I also want the awkward Mexican cleaning lady story. (Although, I imagine I can probably guess...something to do with a "do not disturb" sign either forgotten or ignored, yes? :) )



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