Freckles in April: Fashion Blogger (for a day): Sam

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashion Blogger (for a day): Sam

Fashion Blogger for a day

As I was thinking of people I wanted to ask to do these guest posts Janssen asked if I read Sam's blog, Young People in Love, and suggested that she might be a good fit. I hopped over and, sure enough, I loved Sam's style. I e-mailed her and she graciously accepted even though she didn't know me from Adam.

Sam's husband, Chas, is a filmmaker (so cool) and Sam is a talented artist who does art therapy for a living (and! sells some pretty neat prints in an etsy shop. Check it out!). 

Plus, look how cute they are:

Photos by Lissa Clair


On my blog I almost never post about the clothes I wear. There are, however, two important exceptions: 1. a particular outfit, for whatever reason, makes me feel especially happy that day, or 2. my husband and I just so happen to match or we're wearing our wedding colors (mustard yellow and cobalt blue) together. Other than that, fashion just isn't something I write about. I love stylin' clothes but I don't really know what to say about them. I wear things that make me feel cute and happy. Ta-da!...Applause...That's all, folks. 

So basically, this guest post actually required a bit of thought for me. Good thing I always love a challenge and believe it or not, a few things about me and clothes did come to mind.

To start, you should probably know that I'm an artist who l.o.v.e.s color. Just take a look at my closet. Yes, it is rainbow color-coded and yes, sometimes I do smile to myself when I walk by it. I mean, those colors, textures, and patterns all lined up in a pretty little row?! Get real. For me, getting dressed can be a fun chance to play with putting together the different colors and shapes. So I say don't be shy when it comes to color and experiment with pairing different, sometimes unexpected colors together in your outfits. 

If you have a favorite color, embrace the heck outta it! Anyone who knows me even semi-well knows that I just can't get enough of mustard yellow. I'm not a huge accessories girl but, for this color, I'll make an exception.
hat: Etsy, necklace: Etsy (gift from sister-in-law), scarf: gift from coworker ("I saw this color, thought of you, and just had to get it!") Lesson: there are bonuses from people automatically associating you with a certain color.
I rarely drop lots of money on clothes. Probably almost everything I own was either super cheap to begin with or on sale. I also have a few thrifted items but not lots because I can take the smell of thrift stores for only so long before I need to come up for fresh air. I think what I like most about inexpensive clothing is that it keeps me from being weirdly attached to that expensive shirt, pair of jeans, etc. Cute clothes come, and cute clothes go. Rock it while you've got it and then if something unfortunate happens to it, grab a tissue to dry your tears and move on. 

Speaking of moving on, I've recently started getting rid of an item of clothing every time I buy something new. I highly recommend it. I also recommend working with the clothes you currently own to make them better and more wearable. 

top: Target, cords: thrifted (originally Hollister), boots: NPS Market Square (gift from mom), bag: TJMaxx (gift from mother-in-law)

That's what I did with these tan cords. One of my thrifted items. They used to big bell bottom flares but then I fixed that. 

Another way you can work with what you've already got is to mix and match. I recently bought this rust-colored v-neck for $1.69. Obviously, it has the potential to be a great little casual spring time staple. But throw it with a stripey skirt, and we've also got ourselves a fun and hip fancy outfit.  Ok...did you catch that? I went kinda fast so I'll go over it again, more slowly. 

v-neck: NPS Market Square (originally Forever21), cardigan: TJMaxx, jeans: TJMaxx, killer blue tights: Target, skirt: Beehive Bazaar (upcycled), heels: some random store in the mall

1 cheap t-shirt = 2 great looks! Amazing, right?! (Oh hi, I'm a dork.) 

Some people might think that a t-shirt like this is too casual for high heels but...they're dumb. :)

Photos by Lissa Clair

P.S. My most top secret weapon for looking cute is standing next to a handsome husband. Shhhh...don't tell.


  1. oooh I love I love.
    It was so interesting to read what Sam thought about fashion!

  2. Love this post! Good choice!

  3. Wow, I know Kayla and Sam! Love to you both!

  4. Great choices! I love this post! xo

  5. I LOVE her style! These fashion posts are so helpful for me as I venture into both the workplace and the realm of dressing decently post-baby. And I too love mustard yellow.

    I'm going on a shopping spree this week before starting my new job, so I'll have something for you soon!

  6. you have style, sense and class!!!! love it!

  7. Of course you loved Sam. First off, we can see why. Second, look at that skirt!

  8. Sam and Chas actually grew up with my husband! Sam (and her blog) are so cute; great choice for this feature!

    North Meets South


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