Freckles in April: Everybody Everywear

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Everybody Everywear

Wearing Anchor Blue sweater, NY&Co dress, JCPenney undershirt and belt, Rocketdog shoes via Marshalls, earrings from my in-laws a couple Christmases ago

I've been taking most of my own pictures for a while now. Partially so I don't have to bug Aaron while he's working, but also because he can make me laugh so hard I have a hard time getting any decent shots. Today he was doing Austin Powers and...yea. In a lot of my pictures I'm just bent over laughing or making really unattractive faces while trying NOT to bend over laughing. Or, you know, sticking my bum out.

I like that husband guy of mine. He's crazy but I'll keep him.

I've been wanting to participate in Everybody Everywear for a while now but it just kept not happening. But you KNOW I couldn't pass up maxi day.

Maxi Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear


  1. Love the colour of your maxi.

    C x

  2. Who could pass up a maxi? They are great right?!?!
    I like how you used bold colors.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog last night. It made me feel pretty cool! Ha.

    Also, love the maxi. I'm going to need to get me one of those asap!

  4. Adorable dress! Love the pink & blue mixed.

  5. the color combo here is beautiful!!!

  6. Love the mix of colors! Maxis are the bestest! :o)

  7. Oh this maxi is SO pretty! The color is gorgeous and paired with that blue it is really striking.

  8. i love the color of your maxi!

  9. Like everyone else, LOVE the color combo! I won a gift card to H&M (!!) and took a little trip to the mall yesterday. They had some cute maxi dresses and I tried to take your advice, but none were right for me. :( So I got some other cute stuff instead! And now I want to go shopping more. Hubby should love that! ps I feel like I should always specify maxi dress, otherwise I feel like I'm talking about pads. Not nearly as fun.

  10. The blue and lavender are really pretty together.

  11. Haha, at least Aaron is happy during your photoshoots. Spencer is all grumpy because he just woke up, haha! We are maxi dress twins now because I too did the cardigan with the belt up high. I was just copying you ;)

    North Meets South

  12. Beautiful Spring colors. You look like a beautiful Easter Egg - and I mean that as a compliment! I also have to say that you eyes pop. Lovely.

  13. That second picture is hilarious and awesome. And the color of that dress- love it! It looks fantastic with the blue.

  14. SUCH pretty clors in this ensemble. that lavender is luscious, but even moreso with such a lovely blue sweater! you look fabulous.
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)

  15. Ah that sounds like my photo sessions with the BF! :D Very cute look and beautiful pictures!

    P.S: I´m having a 100$ beauty giveaway for Chanel, YSL... products. I thought you might be interested! ;)

  16. EBEW is fun! Plus it gives me a great opportunity to find other blogs. Your maxi dress is really cute and that color blue looks amazing on you!

  17. Hey there
    found my way over via EBEW
    Love you color combo here!
    I take my own pics b/c husband just makes me feel way too awkward.
    Have a great weekend


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