Freckles in April: Birthday Recap

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Recap

Can we just talk about how amazingly awesome my birthday was??

First, Janssen wrote this incredibly sweet post that maaaybe made me tear up just a tiny bit every time I read it (which was like 6 times throughout the day). One of the great tragedies of my life is that she is not my next door neighbor. How did I get so blessed with such a friend??

There were like a million wonderful comments and facebook messages which just made me feel super loved all day long (THANK YOU!!). Also, I currently have 26 comments on my birthday post. *twilight zone music*

Definitely RA sent me this AWESOME ecard

It really does not get much better than this.

Another dear friend brought me purple balloons tied with twirly ribbons. Raquel dropped off some deep fried nutella wontons (they were as amazing as they sound). There were lots of lovely gifts throughout the day from friends and family.

We dropped off the kids with my parents and Aaron took me to one of our favorite restaurants (we had our pre-wedding dinner there!). And I got to wear my new dress. And take crazy windy outfit pictures in front of a helicopter. Because why not?

Wearing earrings from my in-laws, dress by me, bangles from Last Chance, Steve Madden heels via Last Chance

I really wanted a new dress for my birthday but nothing was really striking my fancy at a price point I was interested in. And then Madeline posted about this watercolor dress last week and I was like, "THAT."

So, fabric paints + 3 yards of white silk + Burda's Anda pattern + some tweaking = watercolor birthday dress! When I showed Aaron he said, "It either looks really expensive or homemade." Sweet.

I think I'm going to paint it some more. Maybe wrap it around the back a bit. I have plenty of paint left to play with, so why not? Also, I made that tie from leftover silk but next time I want to try it with my blue belt. The sash kept coming untied. Kind of annoying.

26 is going to be good. I can feel it.

Want to see how I made this dress? Hop over to my fabric painting tutorial! Looking for a similar project? Try this dip-dye skirt/dress!


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  1. You are on a roll! I love this dress. You are amazing. I want one!


  2. Holy crap, you painted a dress. What! I would never even try that! But then, I am not as awesome as you. :)

    I'm so glad you liked your e-card! I kind of wish there was an e-card that was like, "Happy birthday from your token Asian friend!" but I can only imagine that the graphic would be horrifically offensive.

  3. You make the most beautiful clothes! Seriously, I kinda hate crafts, but then I read your blog and think "If I can make my clothes and look as gorgeous as Kayla, maybe there is something to this crafting ish after all."

    North Meets South

  4. So are you going to post a tutorial?!?!? I want one!!!!!!

  5. I missed your b-day post, sorry! It sounds like you had fun and you made your own dress?! Really?! It's super cute.

  6. That dress is amazing. I don't think it looks homemade at all, but definitely not with heels. Maybe if you wore it over some stained jeans...but then, no, I think it would still look intentional.

  7. I second Elaine. Where is the tutorial! This dress is genius. Seriously.

  8. I'm working on a tutorial! It will probably go up next week.

  9. ugh...i hate how beautiful and talented you are. okay, not really i actually think you're super talented and a ball to watch. thanks for being awesome! also your hair looked awesome, i think i'm going to need a tutorial for THAT. (and the dress)

  10. Yay for tutorials. I agree with Erica, you do make beautiful clothes.

  11. So if I tell you happy birthday late could you make me a dress like yours? :) Seriously my blogging friend, you got mad skills!

  12. whoah. that dresssss. incredible.

    I don't want to propel you into your 27th year too early so I'll wish a belated but very happy birthday here!!

  13. HOORAY. Can't wait to see the directions!

  14. kayla!

    1) happy belated birthday. i was kind of dead to the internet for most of yesterday and missed it. i'm so glad it was wonderful. happy 26!

    2) this dress is SO FREAKING AWESOME.

    3) you look really, really pretty in these photos.

  15. The dress looks amazing!! and glad you had a good birthday. TWO non-backyard photo shoots in a row? WOW! :)

  16. Wow, another beautifully amazing homemade dress - I am in awe of your talent!

  17. Wow, beautiful dress


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