Freckles in April: A 50 Picture Day

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A 50 Picture Day

Wearing Macy's? shirt, Gap jeans, Toms wedges, Necklace from Last Chance, cuff from street vendor in the Bahamas and bracelet that was a gift from my mom

Most days the outfit pictures are easy. I get dressed, I go outside, I take a couple pictures, DONE. Move on with life.

Today was not like that. I took over 50 pictures. FIFTY. Between the wind and my inability to stop making stupid faces it was pretty much one terrible picture after another. That one above? Is the best of the bunch. No lie. And for that I would like to thank the bug that flew right by my face.

Despite this fact, I think this might be my favorite outfit out of all the ones I've posted here on this little blog. It felt very me in all the best ways.

The front tuck wins!

I wasn't sure I was on board with the wide leg trend but turns out I already own some, so...guess I'm on board. I finally decided I really like them as long as I wear them with my wedges (plus mine aren't super wide, which I prefer. Moderation! And I like the double button).

QUICK! What time was it when I took this picture!

It's taking you a long time to read that clock, isn't it? You Child of the Digital Age you.

(It was 12:37 and 42 seconds)


  1. I love the necklace as well, and I had to say that I infinitely like the front tuck better than the half tuck.

    Because I'm sure you were just dying for my opinion. :)

  2. Are wide leg pants coming back? I knew if I waited long enough my clothes would come back in style. Whew!

  3. Your tuck is perfect today and what a great necklace!

    Method Clothe

  4. The jeans look great on you! I love this classic, white shirt with jeans outfit!!! And that necklace is SO COOL! :)

  5. I gave up on the clock, so I'm glad you told us what time it was. And yay for the front tuck! It looks good!

  6. so simple but so chic. love it.

  7. This is a very classy outfit, so I can see why you said it's very you. :)

    And moderation (I think) is the way to go with trends. Get wide leg pants, but not super wide leg. I have skinny pants, but not that skinny, more like straight. That way, my clothes are never really out of style. I'm so smart.

    North Meets South

  8. I like the button-up tucked into the super cute jeans. Those kinds of outfits are my favorite too. Why? I don't know. Somethin' about them. You look great!

    amy day to day

  9. That first picture of you is TOO cute. Ahh you're too pretty Kayla! And I'm a HUGE fan of the front tuck.


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