Freckles in April: Shopping My Closet

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shopping My Closet

Wearing Macy's dress, Old Navy shoes, Etsy earrings, thrifted belt

I think I've worn this pinstripe dress twice. I bought it several years ago when I was 10 pounds heavier and feeling like it was probably only upwards from there. Which means that when I lost the weight a few months later it was too big. Not WAY too big, but big enough to look kind of awkward.

The other day I was contemplating tossing it when I realized it had probably never been through the dryer. One quick load of laundry later and ta-da! It just about fits. A quick belting and we're in business. No sewing required.

I also haven't worn these shoes in about 2 years. The cumulative effect was that I felt like I was wearing a brand new outfit when really it was all stuff that has been languishing in my closet for ages. It kind of makes me wonder what else I've got lurking in there.


  1. Ok. I just have to ask as a mother to a mother. Do you REALLY wear outfits like that during the day when taking care of such young kids? Especially the youngest one? Heels?! If so, I'm extremely impressed!!

  2. @Chris, Chelsea and Lilly Edgren

    This was actually a church outfit. I'm not usually so dressed up during the week, but I have been known to occasionally wear heels to the park. It helps that my feet are perfect for heels and I generally find them pretty comfortable. I do wear skirts and dresses during the week though!

  3. Dryers and belts are amazing things. I love searching through my closet and discovering "new" clothes. But, because I have tendency to throw things away, the discovery hardly happens, haha!

    North Meets South

  4. Love the dress, love the shoes.

    I tend to never throw away clothes, ever. Which means I shop my closet on a regular basis and find things I haven't worn for years, they're practically brand new again. (Example: the adorably springy pink BR shirt I haven't worn since 2008 was fished out and worn yesterday. I win at life.)


  5. You look great in this dress! And the shoes are cute! Wear them more often :)

    Just Better Together
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  6. that also happens to me when i realize i can take in clothes that have been too big for years but are so stinking adorable i can't get rid of them. i'm all for "new clothes" from your own closet.

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  8. That's a great color on you! You look fabulous, and surely a great outfit for church!


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