Freckles in April: Oh Look, I Still Own Pants

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh Look, I Still Own Pants

Wearing Hanes t-shirt, Gap jeans, thrifted shoes, necklace by me, grocery store sunglasses

For the past three-ish weeks I have worn pants exactly twice. Otherwise it has been all skirts and dresses all the time.

Seriously, WHAT is with my camera and the fuzzy pictures??

And then I was trying to figure out what to wear today and it went as follows: "I wore that skirt yesterday. That dress needs to be washed. That skirt needs that button fixed. That dress needs that slip which is dirty...WHAT ON EARTH DO I WEAR??" And then it was like, "Oh right. Pants."

I'm very proud that I've gotten to the point where jeans are not my default.

My sunglasses match my shoes! I planned that (no I didn't).
See? Matchy! I always loved saddle shoes as a kid but never owned a pair. When I saw these at GW 50% off day I couldn't pass them up

Also, on Monday there was A BIRD IN MY HOUSE. I went outside to talk on the phone (sleeping babies, gotta keep it down and all) and when I came back inside the open back door there was this weird loud noise. I looked around for a second and there was this BIRD going all crazy at the window above our front door trying to get back out.

I've never thought of birds as scary or anything but this freaked. me. out. I ran through the house screaming at Aaron that there was A BIRD IN THE HOUSE A BIRD IN THE HOUSE AAAAAROOOOONAAAGGGHHHHH.

To recap:
-child has a seizure and goes blue and unresponsive less than 3 days prior
-child brought home from the hospital less than 24 hours prior
-I'm running through the house screaming for Aaron

Aaron hears me freaking out and he comes tearing out of the office thinking Baby 2 is seizing again.

A: There's a BURGLAR in the house?!?!?
Me: Wait what? No, a BIIIIIRDDDDD!

I'm lucky I survived that particular exchange. I hid in the office with the door closed while Aaron shooed the bird out with a broom.

He is finally talking to me again, just so you know.


  1. 1st off i think that's awesome about the pants. i feel more attached to my skirts and dresses as well.
    2nd off i would have freaked out as well. and expected the same response from any sane male adult (especially one who had been in such craziness as of late). hahaha i think it's our right as women to freak out sometimes over small things that are big to us.

  2. Sooo, one time I thought there was a bird in the house, chirping from like, I don't know, INSIDE THE WALLS? After an embarrassing length of time, I realized that the "chirps" were occurring at regular intervals, and it was just a smoke alarm that needed its battery changed. That is when I felt so very stupid.

  3. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVE your hair like this!!! Do it more often! And love the simplicity of the white tee with the necklace. You could make this outfit super sassy if you changed out those cute shoes for some heels! :)

  4. I still get amazed/borderline freaked out when I see birds at Costco or Chandler Mall. That is all.

  5. I don't know if your husband thinks it's funny yet but this sure made me laugh!

    I have epic freakouts when surprised by spiders. My husband responds by running into the room with his "This had better be SERIOUS" face. And then, of course it's not. He just sighs and relocates the spider outside - because I'm whining "Don't kill it!" It's a good thing he loves me.


  6. I once had a bird fly into my car parked in the driveway. A lot less scary than the house (since I wasn't in the car at the time), but I still made my husband get it out!

    Also, good job on not defaulting to jeans (though I do like this outfit)! I'm currently not allowing myself to wear jeans so that I get better about this...

  7. Haha... I would be sooo scared, I hate birds.

    C x

  8. That is such a freaking awesome pair of shoes.

  9. Very funny. Made me laugh out loud (but not too loud, because, you know, Amelia's taking her nap). :0)

    Love those shoes!

  10. LOVE the shoes! Wish I looked good in flats. I really like your hair in this pic, wish I could wear my hair like this, but thinking of learning how to do it like that, actually doing it = not gonna happen.

  11. couple questions... could you be a little more specific about how you changed that shirt? I saw the post, but did you just straight stitch the inside to skinny it up? I wanna try this!

    Also, I'm growing out my bangs. Any tips on how to not go insane during the process? I've already re-cut them once!! It gets too bloody hot here in CA to have hair stuck to your face!

  12. Love that about the pants! I'm about half and half, but mostly because my office is so super cold. I would freeze everyday if I wore skirts!

  13. Birds in the house are FREAKY.

    and what? no Nacho pants these past three weeks?!!! You must wear those more.

    I can't believe those shoes are thrifted. I'm kind of obsessed with them. I'm going to drive down to your house and steal them. and maybe bring a bird with me in exchange. You'll love it.

  14. Your shoes are a-maze-zing!

    Born To Be Styled

  15. Birds in the house!

    That's an annoyance I'd definitely like to avoid.


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