Freckles in April: How She Wore It / How I Wore It

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How She Wore It / How I Wore It

As it turns out, the hilarious Meredith of Yours, Mine and Ours and I have the very same Target maxi dress. I got mine for $10 on the clearance rack and she got hers for even cheaper at the thrift store. That right there is a woman after my own penny-pinching heart.

Once we discovered we were dress twins we decided a joint post was in order.

How she wore it:

I bought this Target maxi dress from the SPCA even though it was two sizes too big. This thrifter can't be a chooser and the racer back/price/color were the "it" factors for me. It's my "haven't shaved me legs in forev" go-to dress. Hot, right? 

How I wore it:

to park day, errands, etc. Wearing Target dress, Wal-Mart shirt, thrifted belt, Soda sandals
Quick change for date night! Wearing Target dress and cardigan, thrfited belt, Old Navy necklace, thrifted wedges (which you can't see because our lawn needs mowing...)


  1. woo hoo! i'll put mine up in a bit. you and your organizational posting skills, so on the ball ;)

  2. Love the colour, and love that you guys bought the same dress. Crazy!
    Have you checked out my giveaway yet?

  3. I love all the different ways of wearing it! (And, uh, now I want one too!)

  4. Kayla! I just found your blog through Yours, Mine and Ours ... You are stinkin' adorable in those thrifted threads! Love your blog. :)

  5. I love you two! Oh to be fashion twins with either of you!

    Oh yeah, and I'm totally jealous that you both can wear sandals right now. Augh neverending NY winters!

    North Meets South

  6. That dress is such a cute color perfect for Spring and for walking around and being pretty, LOL.

    Write it in Lipstick

  7. love this! You are both great.

    I tried on some maxi dresses today and they were mid-calf super ugly (and I'm not tall)....maybe I'll have to hit up tarjayy!

    and love your hair...all that volume!!

  8. Think you both styled this dress so well, and so differently!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  9. Cute! I love the day to night look!


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