Freckles in April: Handwriting

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I love this little handwriting meme. It's kind of neat to see what all my blog friends' handwriting looks like. Erica of North Meets South tagged me, so here's mine-

The questions:
1. what's your name and blogger name?
2. what's your blog's URL?
3. Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
4. Favorite quote?
5. Favorite song?
6. Favorite band/singers?
7. Anything else you want to say?
My answers:

Necesita imaginer hay un accento sobre "Ramon"

 I love my handwriting. It's bouncy and a little cramped but I think it's pretty. Especially for a lefty! I would love to learn (HA I typed "lurn" and it took me a second to figure out what was wrong. I need to go back to school. Or get some sleep. One of the two) calligraphy. Melissa's writing fills me right up with envy.

I'm supposed to tag a bunch of people but I'm the meme killer who never tags people. I'm allergic. So if you haven't done it then do it! I want to see your handwriting. Leave a comment if you do so I can make sure to hop over and see.

*comments now closed due to a weirdly high number of spam comments.


  1. Don't you know I've had diarrhea since Easters?

    Your handwriting is gorgeous, just like you. Thanks for sharing!

    North Meets South

  2. I'm so doing this today :)

    Have you checked out my giveaway yet?

  3. OOMMMGG Kayla, you have the prettiest handwriting EVAR.

    And I love Nacho Libre. The quotes will never get old.

  4. I love your handwriting! It makes mine look even more ridiculous than usual--I'm a lefty too and smudges abound when I write!

  5. I love your handwriting! Mine is very bland! Check it out here:

  6. handwriting is so fascinating - i've always loved it. clint's parents just did some handwriting analysis at the renaissance festival and seriously loved it. apparently the lady was spot on with describing their personalities.

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