Freckles in April: Fashion Blogger (for a day)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fashion Blogger (for a day)

I'm super stoked to introduce a new Freckles in April Feature!

Freckles in April Fashion Blogger for a day

My troll got me thinking. Who's to say what is and isn't fashionable? Fashion is such a matter of personal taste and I know many gorgeous women with different senses of style and they're all fabulous in their own unique way.

So, starting Monday, I'll be hosting a special guest blogger every week(ish). These are women who don't normally fashion blog (a couple don't even blog at all) but whose style I admire. I've harassed them into taking a few pictures and writing a little bit about themselves. Some are big time thrifters, some are mommies just trying to keep their clothes free of graham cracker, some are short, some are curvaceous--and they're all awesome.

I hope you will find them as inspiring as I do!


  1. oh, how fun!

    I can't wait to read.

  2. Love the idea...I'll be checking in!!

  3. This is great! I'm often amazed at the style prowess of women in my ward/neighborhood/circle of friends and have wondered about spotlighting them. Eh, I'm too shy to ask. =) But I'm excited to see who and what you've got up your sleeve! (...not literally)

  4. love it! way to broaden our horizons:)

  5. yeah you tell that troll who's boss


  6. Such a great idea! There are so many people whose styles I admire that don't have a fashion blog... it's a shame. And I love that your 'troll' is inspiring you to do really fun things like this! I would probably still be crying about it haha.

  7. Amazing idea... go you.


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