Freckles in April: Fashion Blogger (for a day): Nikki

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fashion Blogger (for a day): Nikki

Freckles in April Fashion Blogger for a day

I've known Nikki for a long time. A looooong long time. Since July of 1986, in fact, when she destroyed my "only child" status. She has always been darling, with blue eyes and blonde ringlets as a child and now a fabulous set of dimples and a killer curvaceous figure (I'm like her figural inverse. Genetics are unfair). She swears she is not stylish but every time we get together I love what she's wearing. She knows how to dress her body type and has a great sense of what colors work on her. Her wardrobe is really functional and is perfect for where she is in life right now (ie stay at home mother of my crazy-pants nephew).

I love this's amazing what one really easy-to-wear and versatile piece can do for your closet (and your sanity as a stay at home mama).


When Kayla first asked me if I would be a guest fashion blogger I almost said no. I feel like I have no fashion, and I often use being a stay-at-home mom (who has no car and thus doesn’t usually go anywhere) as an excuse to be lazy and not try to look cute. But because I am so nice (and because Kayla is my sister), I said I would give it a go. And I really do need to start trying to look good every day. It always makes me feel better.

I looked through my closet probably 20 times before deciding on something. Then I remembered my awesome green Alpine skirt/dress from Sports Authority (I know – of all the places to get a dress…). I haven’t worn it in a while because I completely forgot about it, but now it is found and my love is renewed. This will definitely be a staple in my spring and summer wardrobes. 

For me, having one or two staple items is crucial. Typically it is a pair of jeans. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I recently lost some weight and none of my jeans fit quite right anymore. I'll need to remedy that some time but, until then, skirts and dresses are my go-to items.  

Why do I love this skirt so much? First, it is possibly the most comfortable item of clothing I own. It is a polyester/spandex blend, which means it feels like a super soft, stretchy piece of flowy awesomeness. It is so comfortable I could sleep in it. Second, it is extremely versatile. It can be worn as a dress and fancied up with heels-

Dress: Sports Authority. Undershirt: Downeast Basics. Shoes: Payless.

As a skirt it can be high-waisted (if you have the right shirt, which I don't) or low-

Skirt: Sports Authority. Shirt: Ross, old. Shoes: SO from Kohl's.

And it was amazing while I was pregnant with my son. I could fold it down below my belly, or flip it up for full panel belly support.

Also, post pregnancy, it falls just right so that I can still get down on the floor and play with my 1-year-old son without fearing I am flashing the world.

It's the perfect wardrobe staple for me!


  1. Nikki! You look so awesome. SO skinny and glow-y. xoxo

  2. Those white heels are ridiculously cute. Must see if they are still available. . . .

    You are rocking that dress.


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