Freckles in April: Fashion Blogger (for a day): Caitlin

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fashion Blogger (for a day): Caitlin

Freckles in April Fashion Blogger for a day

The super cute (and talented!) Caitlin of Hue & Hum e-mailed me last week and mentioned some of the refashions she's done for her husband, Robbie, who is an honest-to-goodness rock star. He's a member of a band called Fictionist that is currently in the running to get on the cover of Rolling Stone (for reals. craaazy stuff, that. Read Caitlin's take here). They've already advanced to round 2!

I've admitted here to having the world's most boring taste in music but I actually kind of like these guys. I've had them playing ever since Caitlin introduced me. Give them a little listen below:

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If you like them, would you take .2 seconds and give them a 5 star rating and help these Provo, Utah boys get their cover? Extra karma points for liking them on facebook (I did!) or doing that tweet thing (I'm so behind the times on that one).

I was so impressed by the refashion stuff Caitlin has done for Robbie that I asked if she'd be willing to send over some pictures and write a bit about how she outfits her own personal rock star. And now I'm totally inspired to make some awesome shirts for my boys (I wonder if they could grow fros like his??).


I was the kind of teenager that lived at the thrift store... well not lived, ew - just had a visual and that would be super sketchy.  Anyway, 10 years ago most people just thought that was gross... not cool.  Good thing thrifting is now hip because that deems me way cool instead of a sick-o! {teasing :) ... well, sort of...}  I would come home with bags of "treasures" and my mom would so kindly remind me that "one thing from the thrift store saves you money... but multiple things from the thrift store might be a waste of money...".  Well, yes, that is true.  Wise words.  I tried to be a little more selective, but it didn't stop me from finding treasures and dreaming up creative outfits.  It was just another fun outlet to express my creativity.  I actually met my future mr. wonderful in high school {we were kind of awkward}, and we would venture together after school to find cool belts and funny shirts to wear.  I guess this was just the beginning of us working together on lots of creative projects!

Years later... wedding bells ring, yahda yahda yahda {insert shmoozy details}... I am a painter and explorer of all things creative.  He is a guitarist and plays in a band called Fictionist.  We have a good time - we laugh a lot, cry occasionally, travel on the road, hang out in our studio/garage, and play with our little dog Albus.  I still love thrifting and find myself collecting {seemingly useless} odds and ends.  They usually sit around and collect dust until I find the perfect "ah-ha!" idea to put them to use.  
I started making my man custom clothes this past year to save some moolah and because there were seriously no options for cool men's clothing!  You know what I'm talking about... right!?  I'm thinking about the "navy polo shirt, grey hoodie, boring kahki's, brown shoes" experience... bleh.  He practices his guitar like crazy to make sure he sounds like a rock star... and I design him clothes to make sure he looks like a rock star! :)

Here are a few of our favorites.  I've been pretty influenced by the "Srgt. Pepper" look and vibey retro blazers.  
I like to treat each tee like a wearable piece of art with color and composition choice.

a) a personal favorite {heathered grey v neck - Urban Outfitters} plus some cool gold piping {is that what it is called?}.  I use that in a lot of my projects... as you can see
b) a cool design, Rob picked out the buttons himself... he was very proud of that.  They were the perfect touch{Seafoam v-neck - Urban Outfitters}

c) oh man, probably my favorite project.  This teal blazer sat in our costume box for a handful of years... pretty sure it was meant for a 12 yr old boy in the 80's.  I chopped the sleeves and modified it for his very tall and lean self, flipped the collar, added some baby blue silk, and my favorite trim.   

d) He had this black cardigan {Urban Outfitters} for years and never wore it.  I think it was a little too girlishly-slimming and boring.  So I added some detail to make it feel more masculine and uber-hip... colorful arm band, new red buttons, trim, and my personal favorite - the fabric tabs and buttons across the shoulders.

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xox - hue


  1. Loved this. Very cool clothes.

  2. lovely, thank you Kayla!

  3. As my 3 year old would say, "he has twirly hair!" Where do people come up with such creativity when it comes to changing clothes?! I should tap into some of that.

  4. Hey--I once knew an Elder who had that face and played guitar.


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