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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Creativity is Lacking. Insert Title Here.

Wearing Simply Vera top from Kohls, cardigan from NY&Co, Gap skinnies
I got no fewer than six compliments on this outfit while out running errands. All of those compliments came from women over the age of 65. I don't know if I should be flattered or concerned.

Several of those compliments came while I was at Costco. I have a serious love/hate relationship with that place. I haaate that they don't take credit cards. WHO DOES NOT TAKE VISA IN THIS DAY AND AGE?!? I never have my checkbook on me and I don't have a debit card (long story which boils down to: I lost it) so half the time I'll be almost there and realize I have to turn around and go home to get my checkbook. Or, one very memorable time, I was standing AT THE REGISTER and had no way to pay. Lovely.

Ignore the stupid face and focus on my new shirt, which I love

Also, they move things around. Which is fine if you make a practice of going up and down every single aisle each time you go. But I don't. I just want to get my mozzarella and my baby wipes and get out of there. I spent 20 minutes last week trying to figure out where they had relocated the graham crackers to. So annoying.

BUT! It saves me a ton of money and mostly I love it (when we walk inside Stinky always looks around and goes, "Ooooh, this is a nice place!" We're so white trash). So I will keep going (and forgetting my checkbook).

Oh, AND one of those old ladies who liked my shirt told me that she had never been to Costco before. And, prior to last week, she had never even HEARD of Costco. I was speechless.


  1. I'm under 65 (just barely), and I love your outfit. I always choose to be flattered, even if they are insulting me.

    Having no way to pay for something is my worst nightmare since that recently happened to me in a cab, so I feel ya.

    North Meets South

  2. I love Costco but I too hate that stuff moves around all the time! It's so frustrating.

  3. I love the shirt and I'm under 65. Ok so I'm still old, but I'm under 65!

  4. Yes, I hate the costco re-arranging act. So annoying.

    And I love your outfit, too! it's just not for old ladies to love :)

    I have a Costco AMEX card, which is super convenient, but also super annoying because everytime we go to Costco, I have to pay. and it's always at least $100! :( I would never remember to bring cash/check.

    And Sam's club? It's annoying too because they only take Mastercard, and husband only has Visa, so I end up paying for Sam's club everytime too. :(

  5. I like your shirt! But, I might have old lady taste. When we bought a rug for our home I was worried it was an "old lady" pattern. Hubby convinced me it was ok. The cashier was an old lady and told me how much she loved it. Old lady taste confirmed. :)

  6. You need a Costco Amex. I can see Aaron liking the offering. No annual fee and good cash back.

  7. Im not even sure we have a costco in my area.. but then again I just discovered ALDI a few months ago...

    I like your shirt. It's very vera wang!

  8. compliments from older ladies = the best. my ward is full of old people and i admire some of their dresses all the time.


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