Freckles in April: The Wednesday Want

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Wednesday Want

I am currently a leeetle bit obsessed with the tv show Bones. I was bored one evening and Netflix recommended the first season. It took a few episodes to get into but once you know the characters it's really fun. And, let's be honest, my love is due in no small part to this guy:

Hooo boy.

Anyway, one of the female characters consistently wears things that I really like. During the season 3 Christmas episode there was this black dress with a big red flower that had me drooling a little bit. One of her lab coats has a really awesome collar (can you special order a lab coat??).

But there was an episode I watched last week where she walked in wearing this and I made a quick stab at the "print screen" button.

I'm not usually a bow person but I LOVE this. I have a long sleeved black shirt with a deep-V...I don't think the rest would be TOO hard to re-create. Maybe. If I ever get my craft room back from Baby 2 (he spends 17 hours a day sleeping in there).


  1. Um...yeah. David Boreanaz. Swoon. Also, that shirt would be amazing on you.

  2. I have been in LOVE with David Borneaz every since he played Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I still have an autographed picture hanging in my bedroom, much to my husband's dislike. haha

  3. Oh man, I swooned when this post (and accompanying pics) popped up in my reader. I love love LOVE Bones, love Cam's (and Angela's!) style, and have the biggest crush EVER on David Boreanaz. He's just so dang atttractive! And that top is fab, I totally think you could do it!


  4. I love both Cam and Angela's style! Angela has had some GREAT outfits in the last two seasons. I'm constantly Googlin "BONES Outfit Episode Blah-Blah-Blah"

  5. I LOVE Bones. David Boreanaz is so dreamy.

  6. I love Bones for both those reasons. Wearing a suit makes him that much more attractive!
    Love that bow!!
    Cardigans and Cookie Dough


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